Auction Auto Transport

There are many reasons people buy cars from auctions. Some of us look for a good price and some are auto fans and can have a whole car collection. While many auto auctions are only available for car dealers, online auctions such as like Copart or EBay can be used by anyone. auction auto transportMoreover, you can choose a car from a different state, but the question is how to move it? Rarely do we want to travel just to drive our car all the way to its’ new home. Nor do we want to pay for overpriced shipping which is often offered by auctions. And that is when Global Auto Transportation can assist you! Our auction auto transport will save you money and stress.
Car transport is a great way to move a vehicle you have bought from an auto auction. Rates depend on the kind of the vehicle, its condition and several other factors. Our agents will get you the best price for car shipping and fully arrange the move for you.

Auction Auto Transport: Open and Enclosed delivery

When you are a real car lover, you want the best protection for your car during transport, especially if you are buying an exotic or classic car. In this case Global Auto Transportation offers enclosed car transport. Your new car will be shipped in an enclosed carrier fully protected during the shipping. It’s pricier but your car won’t suffer from weather or even things like road dust.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, open car transport is the most common method, as well as affordable. It is totally safe but your vehicle might get some road dirt during the shipping.

We also can help sellers deliver sold cars to their customers. We are ready to help you with all your auction auto transport needs!

Get a free quote today and let’s get your car going!

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