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Second Tesla Owner is Suing The Company Over an Autopilot Crash

You are currently viewing Second Tesla Owner is Suing The Company Over an Autopilot Crash
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This is the second Tesla owner suing the company over an autopilot crash. After the latest auto crash involving Tesla and driving on Autopilot, the owner is suing Tesla for false advertising.

The crash happened when the Tesla Autopilot ran into the back of a stationary car.

Another crash of Tesla Autopilot involved a collision of a stationary fire truck at highway speed.

China no longer is getting the bulk of recycled plastics.

Some the plastic companies all over the world are striving to turn recycled bottles into asphalt roads.

This results in a shortage of demand for the material.  A good news for Tesla lovers is the launch of the commemorative edition of the Tesla Roadster model.

This was in celebration of the Roadster, which was launched by Tesla Chief executive officer Elon Musk.

There is a realistic number of optimists believing how soon all new car will become electric. They believe it will come just in a few years.

For BMW iX3 electric SUV testing in Germany is coming, with no tailpipes and ” Electric Test Vehicle ” stickers on the doors.


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