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“Boxed Out” Campaign Draws to the Decline of Independent Bookstores

"Boxed Out" Campaign Installations The Boxed Out Campaign launched by the  American Booksellers Association draws attention to the steep stakes indie bookstores face this coming holiday season. This is especially true in the age of Amazon and the pandemic. There will be installations in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and a social media campaign. Amazon, COVID-19 Contributing Factors to Death of Bookstores Many independent bookstores will close…


Dr. Fauci says Some Fox News Corona Virus Coverage is ‘Outlandish’

Dr. Anthony Fauci is on almost every news media outlet, including Fox News, where he "spreads" messages regarding public health measures that pertinent to containing the Corona Virus. Yet the massively popular "medical hero" American is someone the public literally hangs on every word he says and takes it as gospel. Misleading Information About the Virus Yet Dr. Fauci is not a happy camper. This is because he sees some…


Venus Passes Gaseous Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

BURBANK, CA - The neighbor to Earth, Venus, released traces of gas indicative of life forms beyond our Earth. However, it may be a lie. Space was my original dream. To moonwalk, experiment on plants and be a part of the team that would bring mankind to Mars. Like most kids, I left the desire behind. However, often I wonder, what difference would it have made? Will the discovery of…


Nissan and Honda Express That They Do Not Want To Work Together

Tokyo, Japan - Auto giants Nissan and Honda are heavily expressing that they do not wish to work together in a merger put forth by the Japanese Government. There seems to be a miscommunication on the island of Japan. While merging might seem like a good idea for governments to implement, industry leaders and businesses do not see the same picture. For Nissan's case, they already have a solid merger…


Subsidies For Electric Cars Result In Renaults For Free

Germany - Subsidies are currently helping boost auto sales for the country. With the automotive industry currently taking a large hit due to COVID-19, the country is offering better incentives to keep the ball rolling. The concept is the result of Germany allowing Koenig, one of the largest car manufacturers in Germany to lese the new Renault Zoe for next to nothing. Since these have been in place, the Germany…


Rivian Shifts Focus To Lifestyle Driving

Rivian - an electric car company looking to make large-scale headway in the EV industry is changing gears into lifestyle branding. The electric car company looks to take on Tesla by focusing on what the company isn't doing. When you take a look at the way that Tesla has developed the EV market they did most things right. They established a commuter car and various higher end-EV cars. They also…


Rest Hours Extended For Tired Drivers

Rest has been on the minds of one of the hardest working industries in America. A multitude of factors have led the trucking industry to overextend their drivers. Now, a necessary step has been made for drivers who are facing the harsh realities of a global pandemic. Rest For the Weary The trucking industry has had one of the toughest times during this pandemic. With the previous trucking crisis combined…


Armenian Genocide Remembered

Photo: Rita Willaert, used under CC BY 2.0 On the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the country commemorated the fallen in new and unique ways. While the outbreak of coronavirus put the country into lockdown, citizens still managed memorial participation. Thursday evening, residents in the capital city of Yerevan shut off their lights to burn candles in window, or wave phone lights. Simultaneously, the city shut off its lights…


Trump Offers Thanks To Country’s Truckers

As much of the country stays at home to avoid the continued spread of covid-19, truckers maintain chains of supply across the US. Their work ensures grocery stores keep stocked, medical equipment makes it to healthcare providers, and essential goods remain available through the pandemic. As a show of appreciation, President Trump thanked truckers for their dedication. Emerging from the White House, Trump delivered remarks at a podium flanked by…


Tracking Software Targets Coronavirus

In an effort to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, tech giants Apple and Google plan to utilize tracking capabilities to help users avoid infection. The technology at the core of the program is Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth LE uses radio technology to communicate between devices. Unlike normal Bluetooth, LE uses short bursts of energy, often for initial connections between devices, like cell phones and headphones. Apple and Google…

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