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4 Great Truck Stops Tips

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When you are over-the-road, with time you get to form some habits and have some favorite truck stops. In this article we would like to share some general truck stops tips that might be helpful for any trucker – especially a new one.

Parking at the Truck Stop

It is better to park beside a curb. It will make a side of your truck protected. Spaces like that can be usually found at the back of the parking lot. Don’t be lazy driving around the front rows of the parking lot. There are usually more vacant spaces in the back. Besides, it is always good to walk when you spend most of the time seating.

If you are a new driver, make sure to practice your backing. Get out as many times as you need to check how you are doing and where you are.

Don’t Shop at the Truck Stops

Truck stops are like convenient stores, so the prices are higher. Just bring what you need with you. There are usually discount stores nearby. It is better than paying more and getting angry with a cashier in a truck stop store.

Be Careful in Buffets

Get your food from the back of the pan. It is no secret that some people don’t care to wash their hands before going to a buffet.

Also don’t try to eat so much you can’t breathe. It is a fact that the more you eat, the more your stomach stretches. You will just end up needing more food to get full and making your metabolism slower. It is better to take some healthy food with you on the road.

Choose Good Truck Stops

Different truck stops are good for different things. For example, all Flying Js have laundry machines. They are also good places to wash your windows, because most of them have long windshield washer handles and washer fluid. It’s also good for hamburgers. If you want some baked fish, go to T/A. Salads are good in Petro. Pilot is a great place for you, if you have a taste for coffee.

There is also a choice of truck stops for your down time. What will work best for you depends on what you are looking for from your down time. Petro is good for playing video games, Flying J is good if you prefer just watching TV in the open room.  Most of the truck stops also provide internet access – unfortunately, you always have to pay for it.

If you have some truck stops tips, feel free to share them in the comments!

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  1. Toni

    These are some great basic tips, especially about parking next to a curb. Parking in the back is always a good idea anyway – the more extra walking the better after sitting for so long.
    I’m a fan of the Pilot/Flying J stops. Had some bad luck with a couple outside of Chicago but they’re usually clean. Some truck stops can get pretty slimy. Gas station prices on anything but gas are so ridiculous. Really, just save your money and stock up on necessities at the next dollar store.
    Just to add another quick tip, be careful about gas station food in general. While they’re usually supposed to switch stuff out every so often, employees can get lazy and that nice warm hot dog may have just been sitting there all day. That kind of stuff can make you hella sick.

  2. sllbradshawssc

    I’m not sure if my first comment went through, however I have to admit the truck stops gas stations are decent on their gas prices. Their product prices though seem to be a little gauged. I will have to remember the tip about the buffets, I normally just grab from the front or middle, but grabbing food from the back sounds like a good idea. You never know who physically touched the food. Again, these were pretty good basic tips. I hope to be able to learn more.

  3. Jack

    Pretty helpful article. I would like to add something. I would suggest new truckers not to pull into a parking space where you will be forced to back out. If you have no other choice, use a spotter when backing. Also, do not park across from another truck that will be forced to back out.

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