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auction auto transport

Auction Auto Transport

When you need to ship vehicles, you need those vehicles to be shipped safe. And sometimes it’s hard to find those types of cars worth keeping protected. It demotivates you. We won’t stand for that! With our option of auction auto transport, you’ll feel much happier, knowing how we are able to bring your exciting new vehicles right to your front door.

It’s recommended to be happy, so why not be happy with a new ride in your driveway This is the benefit of shipping your autos with us. We care about how your newly-bought possessions are treated, once they’re taken from the lot. It’s really quite helpful if you are a car enthusiast and take pride in showing off your ride.

Plus, our team is trained to be as knowledgeable as possible, to help you through calls or e-Mails regarding the status of shipping your new beaut of a coupe.

People buy cars from auctions for different reasons. While many auto auctions are only available for car dealers, there are also online auctions that can be used by anyone. Some people purchasing cars at auctions are simply looking for a good price on a vehicle. Others might be big car lovers with car collections who are seeking specific vehicles at auctions.

Whatever the case may be, if you purchase a car from a different state, how do you move it to your desired destination? You shouldn’t have to put extra miles or wear and tear on your car just to get it to its new home.

Also, you shouldn’t have to pay for overpriced shipping costs offered by most auctions. And that is when Global Auto Transportation can assist you! Our auction auto transport will save you both money and stress.

Car transport is a great way to move a vehicle you have bought from an auto auction. Rates depend on the kind of the vehicle, its condition and several other factors. Our agents will get you the best price for car shipping and arrange everything for you.

Auction Auto Transport: Open and Enclosed Delivery

If you are a real car lover, we know you want the best protection for your car during transport, especially if you are buying an exotic or classic car. For this, Global Auto Transportation offers enclosed car transport.

With this option, your new car will be shipped in an enclosed carrier and therefore fully protected during shipping. This option is a bit more expensive, but your car won’t suffer damages from weather or road dust.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, we also offer open car transport. This is the most common shipping method, as well as most affordable, for any auction auto transport. While it is totally safe, your vehicle might encounter some road dirt or dust during shipping. We also can help sellers deliver sold cars to their customers.

Get a free quote today right on our website. Or call us directly at (888) 803-0501. We are ready to help you with all your auction auto transport needs!

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