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dealer car transport

Dealer Car Transport

Working at a car dealership must be a fast-paced job. To meet with potential buyers, convince them into buying a vehicle and then all that paperwork requires smart thinking. That’s why we offer dealer car transport.

So when you run out of a certain model or make at your dealership, whether it’s Used Cars or a Car Max, we would assume you’d think of us, the leaders in dealer car transport. Because if you’re the friendliest and most affordable car dealership around, then we’re your auto shipping equivalent.

Dealer car transport with Global Auto Transportation is a really convenient service. We have several options of services available and strive to provide the best deals for your car transport. We offer safe state-to-state car shipping for a wide range of vehicle types.

If you buy your car, let’s say, in New York and need to transport it to Florida, we can easily take care of it for you. Cars bought from different cities can be easily transported to your desired location with Global Auto Transportation. We have many dealer partners that have been working with us over the years, such as Miller Honda.

Dealer car transport gives you freedom of choice. For example, what if you go to your local car dealer, wanting to buy a particular car model, with a specific color and type in mind? What if your local car dealer has the car you want, but not the color you like? You might find your desired car at another dealer located out of state. That’s where our team at Global Auto Transportation comes in!

We will go to the limit for your dealership to have the best cars available at your disposal. That’s just because our team has had over a decade of experience and a lifelong passion for automobiles and preserving their value.

So we’ll be more than happy to take your vehicles from one state to another in no time. This is thanks to our drivers, who can even handle dealer car transport to or from Hawaii and Alaska.

Here at GAT, we strive to do the best job we can for our customers. We can easily transport your new car to you, anywhere throughout the country, without any hassle. Our skilled car carriers will transport your vehicle safely and securely at a great price.

Our best carriers know how to deal with different kinds of vehicles such as vans, boats, trailers, motorcycles, golf cars, SUV’s, ATV’s and so on. Every year we work with many different cars, both new and used ones. Global Auto Transportation is a pro in dealer car transport.

Dealership Door-to-Door Transport

Once you buy your desired vehicle from a dealer, we can provide door-to-door transport from the dealer’s location as close to your door as possible. If needed, we can provide enclosed auto shipping, giving more security for your vehicle. Especially when the vehicle you have purchased is brand new, we know you will want to make sure it gets home without any damage.

Contact us today at (888) 803-0501 for more information — we will be happy to assist you and answer any questions about our Dealer Car Transport services!

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