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Enclosed Car Transport

When you need your high-end vehicle shipped, trust the right enclosed car transport company to handle the job. If you don’t know where to find such a company, you’d do best to seek out our help. With more than thirteen years in the business, our team knows how to bring your vehicles around safely and without any damage being done. It’s such a welcome experience for us to enact for you.

We love making sure that your cars are enclosed and safe from absolute danger. This is thanks to our long-standing belief that the customer’s needs are paramount and come first.

When you work with us to bring your exotic or vintage vehicle from one side of the United States to another, you’re basically giving your car the V.I.P. experience. That said, we recommend using this enclosed car transport service for exotic imports, vintage rarities and pricey SUVs for the benefit of you never having to worry about bringing these vehicles unprotected.

That said, there are three specific ways we offer absolutely outstanding enclosed car transport for your benefit.

Hard-Side Enclosed

For Hard-Side Enclosed car carriers, our means of bringing the vehicle onboard involves a hydraulic liftgate and solid containers that receive no impact from outside forces. This happens to be one of our pricier options but preferable if you have an auction win to deliver home. With these in place, no outside air, weather or intruders could ever bother the high-end vehicles you keep preserved inside the hard-side enclosed auto shipping. It’s a welcome choice for anyone who is looking to keep their prized possession safe from harm’s way. And that type of damage can come in multiple forms. But never fear! Because we’ll keep your vintage Fords, Pontiacs, Corvettes and Old mobiles safe within this type of hard-side enclosed transportation.

Soft-Side Enclosed

Soft-Side Enclosed auto shipping is simply one of the most accessible services we offer for high-end vehicles. We have the best-covered car transport. These tarps serve a useful purpose for our truck drivers to double and triple-check that each wheel is properly clung to the base of the carrier. This will be for your benefit as we secure and maintain your car from imminent danger. An amazing option if you’re delivering a collection of high-end vehicles to your preferred destination, you won’t want to miss out on soft-side enclosed shipping.

Hot-Shot Enclosed

It’s an enjoyable and quick service, reserved for low clearance vehicles. Hot Shot enables us to best protect your cars in a trailer with no automation required. Just a ramp to a box. However simple it may sound, our drivers are still wise enough to be cautious when bringing a car or two into what may be considered the most intimate of enclosed shipping.

How Come We’re The Best

With better protection for prized vehicles, there’s no doubting that enclosed car transportation is your best choice for shipping exotic, vintage or luxurious imports. Enclosed carriers offer maximum protection from the weather while placing your ride safe inside. And while it may have a higher cost, this mode of transportation maintains higher-end cars in their optimal condition.

Additionally, enclosed carriers fortify the protection with our A-Rated insurance, which keeps your car literally and financially covered.

Enclosed carriers are specifically suited to handle vehicles with larger tires and lower ground clearance. Consider this when you’re interested in snowbird shipping, transporting race cars, and even bringing in classic antiques. Our repeat customers, such as exotic car dealers and classic auto collectors, are always satisfied with the professionalism we uphold when carrying their beauties.

Note that our enclosed carriers are much more compact than open carriers. The maximum capacity for a covered trailer is six cars. (Whereas open trailers handle as many as ten.)

Either submit an inquiry through our website or give us a call today to learn more from one of our live agents. When you ship with us, you receive every benefit. Including A-Rated insurance coverage. From pickup to drop-off, we got it handled. We’ll be happy to ship your car in an enclosed carrier by your own request. So give us a call or simply submit an inquiry through our site, and we’ll be happy to make your auto shipping stress-free. Tel.: (888) 803-0501.


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