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Exotic Car Transport

We take pride in transporting the prized possessions of our customers through any means necessary. And exotic car transport is no different. Regardless if the vehicles being transported are antiques or top-of-the-line, we understand each masterpiece of a motor has a certain caliber of performance that you’d like to preserve.

That’s why we do everything we can to ensure safe travel for exotic car transport. Prioritizing protection is the key to being reliable in this case. This is perfect if you’re heading to a car show or delivering your latest win from a car auction.

Safety is our specialty when it comes to exotic car transport. And with our years of experience, rest assured that we can handle your precious ride with the top professionalism each of our experienced drivers, live agents, and dispatchers enjoy executing. No matter what your reasons are, moving residences, purchasing a new toy, or snowbird shipping, it would be our pleasure to assist!

If you don’t believe us, just ask one of our many repeat customers. Plenty of car collectors have come back to us, time and time again, just to give their rare car the exotic car transport experience it deserves. It’s thanks to our unique family business that we’re able to give each car the attention it deserves. Put our quality to the test, and not only will we impress you, we will also provide the most affordable deals possible.

Electric Is Also Exotic

Nowadays, the latest cars to raise the bar are electric vehicles from Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and even Fisker. Combine that with the company guarantee to protect any Bentley, Maserati or Porsche and you’ll be happy to know our team keeps up with the latest trends. It’s always possible with us to provide ship exotic car transport for any vehicle, no matter how new or obscure, en route to your preferred destination.

Sports Cars Are Exclusively Transported With Enclosed Trailers

They are protected best when shipped with hard-side enclosed trailers. The reason is that sports cars are only able to use hard-side enclosed car transports. They are very fragile and need a lift gate. After which, the lift-gates then take each sports car up the trailer. Little motion on the sports car’s part occurs for it to make little motion before locking into place.

Enclosed Is The Best We Offer For Exotic models

With great luxury, comes great responsibility. That’s what we care to enact as our enclosed car trailers suit your exotic car perfectly. These type of covered trailers are ideal to shield your vehicle from any particular damages that may interject with it’s fair travel. It’s also the safest when it comes to the size of the trailer, which occupies only a small amount of vehicles compared to an open-car trailer.

What options do we have when it comes to Exotic Car Transport?

Hard-Side Enclosed comes with sturdy walls on either side of the trailer, while Soft-Side Enclosed is equipped with tarps that cover your entire trailer. And as for hot-shot trailers, those are especially great if your exotic car has low clearance.

Pricey supercars are a grand investment and can be a pain to fix, if damaged at all. So don’t risk allowing your vehicle to run into danger on the way to your home when we have over 13 years of experience handling delicate speed-demons.

Ship your car safely with us! You’ll get the most convenient and reliable exotic auto transport for a great price! Call us today at (888) 803-0501 and get a FREE Quote when asking for shipping requests!

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