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Military Equipment Shipping

In addition to our military vehicle shipping, Global Auto Transportation offers Military Equipment Shipping. We work with all kinds of military equipment and are capable of delivering to military bases in all of the U.S. states. Military equipment shipping is not a common shipment. It requires knowledge of heavy-duty loading and unloading.

But, Global Auto Transportation is your logistics expert. We have staff who can move any type of equipment to and from all military branches across the 50 US States. Also, our agents will discuss all the details with you over the phone. They will carefully plan the best option for your shipment.

military equipment shipping

Global Auto Transportation has moved many kinds of equipment. This includes heavy-duty military equipment. Also, our drivers and owner-operators have been in the industry for a long time. So we know the ins and outs of many military bases all across the country. Our team has deep knowledge of all the requirements for this kind of shipping and how to handle it the right way. Heavy military equipment requires specific loading and unloading procedures on heavy low-bow trailers. We have all the tools needed to assist you with heavy hauling.

We can ship land vehicles and equipment such as:

  • Terrain Vehicle
  • Husky Vehicle
  • Buffalo Mine Protected
  • Route Clearance Vehicle
  • Tank and Fighting Vehicle
  • Support Vehicle
  • Joint Light Armored Vehicle
  • AAV7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • M88A2 Hercules
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • MIA2 Abrams Main Battle Tank

Don’t hesitate to contact GAT with any questions about these services. Our agents are always here to help you with your auto transport needs, as well as scheduling and organizing your shipment and taking care of every detail.

Get a free quote today and get the best rate for your military shipping. We also provide special discounts for all our military clients! Call (888) 803-0501.

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