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Afghanistan Unraveling Poses Threat to Biden’s So-So Foreign Affairs

You are currently viewing Afghanistan Unraveling Poses Threat to Biden’s So-So Foreign Affairs
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Afghanistan and its security situation, unfortunately, have dramatically deteriorated. It is faster than President Joe Biden and his most senior national security officials have, in fact, anticipated. What is worse is leaving the White House to rush to stave off the worst effects of a Taliban takeover.

Afghanistan and the Safety of Personnel in the American Embassy

Moreover, the Biden administration has launched a dramatic series of moves on Thursday to reinforce Kabul. Then allow for the safe removal of many personnel from the American embassy there. In fact, it has become even more than ever clearer to administration officials of the pending collapse of Afghanistan’s government.

The fallout for its citizens could, moreover, threaten to become a lasting blight on Biden’s “fair at best” foreign policy legacy. In fact, the Pentagon has announced 3,000 troops are being deployed to assist with the drawdown of the embassy. This would be to only a “core diplomatic presence.”

Then the U.S. is, in fact, considering moving its embassy to the Kabul airport.

Afghanistan People Have to Figure it out on Their Own

Officials have said despite all of this, Biden has not second-guessed his decision to withdraw. In fact, he reiterated earlier this week that the Afghans have “got to fight for themselves.” However, some officials are aware that the fast unraveling of the country could damage the President’s foreign policy legacy. It would escalate the peril to American diplomats in Kabul. In fact, the human rights implications of leaving women and girls to suffer under the Taliban rule are beyond a disgrace and a human rights violation. It would leave power vacuums inside Afghanistan would again allow terrorism to grow more.

Taliban Atrocities and Breakdown of Peace Talks

Moreover, they are, in fact, also bracing for Taliban atrocities to continue to spill into the stark eye of public view. This would be amid disintegrating peace talks. Multiple officials have pointed out that the decision to bring U.S. troops home does remain hugely popular. One official did point to the ongoing domestic apathy for the war.

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