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Anaheim Auto Transport

Anaheim is a city located just outside of Los Angeles in Southern California. It is part of Orange County. According to the 2010 US Census, there were over 335,000 residents living there, which made it the most populated city in the county. The name of the town came from a blend of “Ana” – referring to the Santa Ana River – and the German word “heim” meaning “home.” 

Anaheim auto transport

Anaheim’s biggest claim to fame is that it is home to the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland is comprised of rides, restaurants, hotels, and shops – which makes for a large tourist attraction. The park itself opened back in 1955 and is the only Disney-related theme park that’s construction and design was supervised to completion under Walt Disney. It has gone through several expansions and renovations since. As a result, Disneyland has the largest total attendance than any other theme park in the entire world!

Anaheim is also home to the Honda Center, the hockey arena for the Anaheim Ducks, as well as Angel Stadium, where the Los Angeles Angels baseball team plays. All these attractions makes Anaheim a busy place to be! So, whether you are visiting Anaheim to see the Disneyland park, or you’re relocating there permanently – let GAT help you get your vehicle there with you!

GAT Anaheim Auto Transport

Do you need to ship your vehicle to Anaheim? Let Global Auto Transport ship your vehicles so you don’t have to. Our company ships vehicles nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. You can get fast and easy vehicle shipping from our professional team to or from Anaheim. GAT works with many types of vehicles, so it doesn’t matter if you need to ship your bus, boat, motorcycle, truck or car to Anaheim. Whatever vehicle you have, our skilled and experienced drivers can take care of it for you.  

We offer multiple types of car transport services, depending on your individual needs and preferences. For example, if you want to ship your luxury or sports car to California, we can offer you Enclosed Car Transport. This will add extra protection to your vehicle, so it won’t face any possible damages from outside harm. If you need your vehicle brought to you faster, that won’t be a problem with GAT! We can offer our customers Expedited Car Shipping to get your vehicle picked up sooner.

And, we even give special discounts for students and Veterans! Call (888) 803-0501 to find out if you qualify and begin the process of booking your vehicle shipping in Anaheim.

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