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Arlington Virginia

Arlington VirginiaArlington Virginia sits on the border between the state and Washington, DC. You can see DC just across the Potomac River. The city itself offers a getaway for politicians and statesmen. In fact, most people who work in DC live right here in Arlington. 75% of the residents work in some form of government. To the untrained eye, it may be bizarre. After all, one out of four residents is foreign-born, but dignitaries and ambassadors from all around the country live in Arlington. This makes the city a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. This could be one of the reasons why voted Arlington the best city to live in America.

The title of best city to live in America is not a title given lightly, but it is interesting because Arlington doesn’t fit the outline of typical best cities. It’s surprisingly expensive to live in Arlington. However, business is good in Arlington to help counter the high cost of living. The unemployment rate is a measly 2.6% and the crime rate is 62% safer than the average city. Additionally, the city’s public transportation is top ranked in the country. Many people sell their cars when they move to Arlington. This is ideal considering Virginia is one of the more favorable places to buy a car because of taxes. If you’re moving to Arlington and planning on selling your car, you could find that bringing your car to Arlington and selling it there could be more favorable. This is especially true if your current state has high sales taxes and fees.

Arlington is not only a great place to move; it’s a fantastic place to come visit. Parallel to Washington, D.C., the city is rich in American history. You can find museums and monuments throughout the city, and no trip to Washington, D.C. is complete without finishing the tour right here in Arlington.

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