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Bellingham Auto Transport

Bellingham is a city in the state of Washington with a population hovering around 81,000. It also happens to be the county seat of Whatcom County. Located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, the summers in Bellingham are cool and pleasant. However, like most of Washington, the other seasons tend to be cloudy and gray. Truth be told, it’s one of the rainiest cities in North America.

Bellingham Auto Transport

Bellingham is a historic small town that boasts a lot of green. The luscious vegetation does a good job of attracting visitors and even more residents. Also, the cost of living is cheaper as compared to other Washington cities. As a matter of fact, many residents live here but commute to Seattle.

Western Washington University brings a college town energy to Bellingham. It adds another layer of charm to this small town paradise.

GAT Bellingham Auto Transport

If you’re one of the many people seeking the natural beauty of Bellingham, whether to live or just visit, we encourage you to avail yourself of auto transport services. Transporting a vehicle to your new home or temporary home can be a huge hassle. Especially if you plan to drive it there yourself. Don’t make that mistake.

GAT provides excellent auto transport services to Bellingham. No matter where you’re coming from, GAT will ship your car efficiently and most importantly, safely. We offer door-to-door transport services for maximum convenience. In fact, this is our standard service. Plus, we offer a choice of open car transport or enclosed car transport.

Also, if you require the transport of commercial vehicles like buses or trucks, we’ll gladly take care of that. Auto transport is GAT’s business, and we’ve been doing it well for over 12 years. So, if you’ve decided to pick up and move to beautiful Bellingham, let GAT handle the work of your car transport. With this hassle off your mind, you can get down to absorbing the natural beauty of Bellingham!

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