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Car Collector

Let’s say you have a fancy for automobiles. At least, that’s what a Purist would say. So when admiring a wide array of souped-up hot-rods, classy spy sedans or retro military models, you may need the proper car collector auto shipping to do you good.

Choosing our car collector auto transport is what separates the auteurs from the amateurs. Because not only can we fit a high quantity of your vehicles inside the trailer, but we can also keep them safe from harm’s way.

We are the ultimate in car collector shipping. It happens easily with our drivers at the helm, bringing your vehicles in safely. And maybe these are some real, big deals that we’re handling. In fact, you might want us to be beyond careful. So beyond that, it’s vegetarian. That’s fair!

And just so you know, our team has had experience for years car collector shipping everything under the Sun. From the Batmobile to a stretch Hummer limousine, countless Smart cars and even a couple of Teslas, plus so much more, we know what it means to take care of you and your’s. Our aim? To exceed your expectations while reinforcing your level of trust.

When you operate as a car collector and you want a great car collector auto shipper, know that you can trust us with your prized possessions. This is just what happens when you get to know a family-run business operational for beyond a decade of time.

When you need to bring your vehicles all in one place, we have the trailers that can handle the car collector’s dozen. That’s because our drivers can offer full load car shipping for every vehicle that you need to bring to your front door. Also, door-to-door shipping is always an option we’d love to add-on as well as enclosed car transport.

We currently can provide you with hard-side, soft-side or hotshot transport for any car collector. The opportunities are endless.

We check and double-check that every vehicle you need to bring is securely fastened. Whether it’s in an enclosed trailer or an open-air carrier, we do our due diligence to keep every vehicle in your collection safe and secure until we reach your preferred destination.

Many of our past clients have enjoyed this service for the convenience of having fewer trips to receive all of your autos at the same time. That’s what we love to provide as a major auto shipping company.

Total support and full coverage from danger when it comes to moving your cars from an auction to your garage or showroom. And you can rest assured we’ll have our insurance to back you up in case there are any bumps in the road.

If you don’t believe us, just call today to speak with a live representative. They’ll describe the step-by-step process it takes to move each new addition to your collection. 

When you’re a car collector and you need car collector auto shipping, turn to us at Global Auto Transportation. Once you reach us by calling (888) 803-0501 we’ll be happy to fulfill any requests you may have, starting with giving you a FREE Quote.