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Kilowatt Hours: Electric Vehicles Have Gross and Net Capacities

The range of electric vehicles usually depends on how large the battery is. Therein which lies two metrics. These are having to do with the capacity of the battery. Even then, manufacturers aren't clear or generally excited about what the capacities represent in certain amounts. Gross capacity is what a pack can theoretically whereas net capacity is how much from the battery pack that the car needs to operate. Battery…


Electric Delivery Trucks is a Trend That Can’t be Stopped

You may soon see an electric vehicle in your driveway, whether or not you want it. In fact, you may see one soon showing up on your curb. Gas-Powered Fleets With Electric or Low-Emission Vehicles In fact, top delivery companies are beginning to replace their gas-powered fleets with electric or low-emission vehicles. This is a major switch that companies believe will push up their bottom lines. At the same time,…


Volkswagen Announces Project Trinity: An Electric Sedan With High Range

Volkswagen makes a full push forward like no other on electric vehicles, with aggressive plans for the future, such as an electric sedan with a 2026 launch. There is also a need to launch the vehicle as Project Trinity. The cryptic name will set brand new measures to be heralded with charging speed, battery range and other technologies. Volkswagen had shown a sketch of the Trinity displaying a roofline resembling…


Four Kites and Tive Are Entering A Partnership For Mutual Customers

Supply chain mainstays Tive and Four Kites made it known that they have a partnership now. So as to provide integrated in-transit data platform for mutual customers. It will be a combination of Tive’s in-transit load-sensing data with Four Kites’ visibility capabilities. As a result, this will deliver real-time data visibility for supply chain customers. Krenar Komoni, CEO and founder at Tive, had this to say: “Collaboration and open access to visibility data benefits…


Meera Joshi Assigned Head Of FMCSA By Biden Administration

There's a new sheriff in town! Or rather, deputy administrator! Meera Joshi, has just been assigned as a deputy administrator by President Joe Biden and them. This specific position is for Meera Joshi, who previously ran the taxi-ride-sharing services in the Big Apple. This will mean overseeing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is to say, she's got this temporarily. Day-to-day operations will be taken care of by her…


Priorities For 2021: How To Prepare For Your Financial Future

2020 riddled the truck driving community with a cargo load of problems. Namely, the pandemic, the protests, the shortages, and the holidays. But now, we begin a year anew. What is to come from the year of the Metal Ox? It's likely that the future holds for us a possibility of fortune. Or failure! Who really knows? Anyway, if you chose to keep trucking on, in spite of the past,…


The Freightliner M2 112 Can Do Whatever You Need It To

When you hear "Freightliner," what words come to your mind? Power... Reliability... Strength... Durability and others? The list can go on and if I could I certainly would write a book about all it's synonyms but truly and honestly, the most incredible thing about Freightliner is how unsuspectingly fierce it's models are. Take a look at the M2 112 for example. This truck is only a class 7-slash-8 and yet…


Truck Drivers Beware! CDC is Updating The COVID-19 Guidelines

Let's face facts. The pandemic isn't stopping anytime soon. COVID-19 continues to skyrocket in new cases on a daily and this is affecting everyone. Including truck drivers. When driving a truck, the operator has the sole responsibility of ensuring their cargo reaches the destination. If there's any trouble along the way, it's only natural to take a detour or even take a rest. But with some obstacles, you can't nap…


Coke Uncorked! Man Hit By Semi Truck During Strike

Have you ever wanted a wake-me-up in the morning? Just a good ol' reminder that it's okay to stay awake? Sometimes it's nice to have in the case of the droopy eyelids, preventing you from working on anything but calling in an optometrist. In some people's cases, they need a Coke to wake them up. And when that doesn't work? A Coke Truck should be enough to scare the living…


Foxconn Is Going On Auto Recon (Will Apple Be Jealous of these EVs?)

The Taiwanese company behind the manufacturing process of the Apple iPhone created an opportunity. They want to boost a platform intended to assist automobile companies to make electric vehicles a possibility. The tech giant is known for assembling consumer products. But lately, Foxconn has been looking into the market of electric vehicles. It's assumed that they're excited to try and dip their feet into a marketplace that could well be…

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