Preventing Trucking Accidents – New & Experienced Drivers

November 28, 2018

A Dangerous Profession Big rig driving has been called one of the ten most dangerous professions in America today. With the dangers on the roads (even for drivers of other vehicles), this isn’t much of a surprise! Therefore, accident prevention and truck driving safety is a big concern in the industry. It is important to always be aware .... Read More

Why Manufacturers Spend Millions of Dollars on Concept Cars?

October 19, 2018

Have you ever heard of concept cars? Here is the main purpose of ‘’concept cars’’. Concept cars, also known as show vehicle, are made to display new styling and new technology, or both at the same time. These great looking concept cars have futuristic look. A lot of people wonder why manufacturers spend millions of dollars to develop .... Read More

California is Number One in an Electric Vehicle Future

September 17, 2018

  Countries all around the world are currently looking ways to speed adoption of electric cars. while California has already accomplished its difficult task.   California Air Board Chairwoman Mary Nichols at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco last week once again highlighted the importance of the increasing the num .... Read More

Who Are The Worst Drivers in USA? Los Angeles Drivers Ranked At 194 Out of 200

September 4, 2018

All State has released statistical proof of just how bad the drivers in  L.A. are and how good other places are by comparison. It happened just in time for Labor Day.   We might think the driving in L.A. is bad, but not as bad as in Baltimore. The worst drivers according to the statistic is Baltimore.   Out of 200 on a list, .... Read More

FMCSA Director Ray Martinez Talking about Service Regulations in Coming Months

August 13, 2018

Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Ray Martinez says he hopes to kick of dialogue on pulling hours of service regulations in the coming months. Also, allowing greater flexibility for drivers to split their 10-hour off-duty period into segments.   In an exclusive interview with Martinez was astonishing as h .... Read More

Q&A About Trucker Shortage Problem Simmering in the US

August 1, 2018

Over the years of the shortage of truck drivers simmering in the U.S., it has reached a full boil. And it is causing anxiety starting from small factories to the Federal Reserve. A respond came from the trucking companies while raising wages and boosting their hauling fees. Their customers then must choose between smaller profits or pass along the .... Read More

Trader Joe’s Shooting in Silver Lake Lead to Death of an Employee

July 23, 2018

Over the weekend, there was a shooting that happened in a Trader Joe’s store which resulted in the death of a 27-year-old woman.   A family member of the suspect told police that the shooting was caused by frustration that had been building up for weeks.   The suspect, Gene Evin Atkins, had been arguing with his grandmother .... Read More

State Trucking Companies Sue Rhode Island for Truck-Only Toll System

July 13, 2018

The state of Rhode Island being sued by trucking interests for its recently enacted unconstitutional truck-only toll system.   The suit filed in federal court by the American Trucking Associations, along with carriers Cumberland Farms Inc., M&M Transport Services Inc., and New England Motor Freight Tuesday. They claim the RhodeWorks .... Read More

Safety Tips for Truck Drivers Working on the Fourth of July

July 3, 2018

This year, it is expected that over 46 million people will be traveling over 50 miles from their home on the Fourth of July, according to WalletHub. The roads are going to be busy, crowded, and filled with impatient people ready to get to their destination.   So, truckers .... Read More

Scammers Remain Large and Continue to Scam Uber Drivers

June 28, 2018

This week, Uber is battling a lot of criticism. A con incident had occurred Wednesday afternoon with an Uber driver as he was driving in Los Angeles. It was a regular day on the job for this Uber driver, when he received an unusual call he had never gotten before. The 31-year-old driver was headed to pick up a passenger in Beverly Hills when he .... Read More