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Chrysler Voyager Minivan Goes Fleet-Only for 2022

The Chrysler Voyager in the 2022 model year will not be purchasable by private motorists. In fact, the minivan is now a fleet-only model. It's considered a cheaper alternative to the Pacifica which will lose most of its trim levels. But, however, it will gain a long list of standard features during the transition. Chrysler Voyager Has One Trim The minivan usually does speak the term which designates rental car…


Cadillac Lyriq Sells Out in Minutes yet Automakers Underestimate Demand

Cadillac has opened reservations for its upcoming 2023 Lyriq electric vehicle and the car sold out almost immediately. Cadillac has, in fact, stating that all 2023 Lyriq "Debut Edition" vehicles have been reserving. There will be other 2023 model year Lyriq trim levels that will still be available. However, so far, the Debut Edition reservations are the only ones that have opened (then 19 minutes later, did close). The Cadillac…


Porsche Macan GTS 2022 Is Most Capable Of Showing Off

Every time we see a new Porsche come into existence, there come improvements upon the previous model year that makes Porsche just an indistinguishable force to be reckoned with. When you look at all the new updates that create a higher reliability with the 2022 Macan, This vehicle has a very impressive list of improvements. Improvements in this Porsche include a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V-6 which holds the rating for 434…


Audi Unveils the Skysphere: A Futuristic, EV Roadster Concept Car

Audi has a new concept car that is a smooth, threatening-looking electric convertible calling Skysphere. It blends what is describing as Batmobile-like technologies and pugnacious design characteristics with luxury resources. Audi Skysphere is a Roadster Concept Most importantly, the roadster concept does feature an adaptable wheelbase. It can change sizes based on driving modes and a digital cockpit. It also has a retractable steering wheel and pedals. They are designing…


Porsche 906 Recreated By Way Of Collage And It Looks Incredible

Automotive artist extraordinaire, Heidi Mraz, has made a living out of creating collages of small details for her artistic process of making images out of images. In reviewing her website and her Instagram account, you can tell that she's done this before. With a Ferrari 250 GTO, a Chevy Corvette 427 and even a 2011 Porsche Speedster. But nothing comes across more genuine than this Porsche she has been able…


Used Car Values Skyrocket Nearly 21% as New Car Inventory is Drying Up

Used car values are going through the roof as new vehicle inventory starts to dry up. They create a strong demand for everything that includes well-traveled minivans to late-model pickup trucks. Edmunds, the car-shopping website, has said the average value for used vehicles traded in during the month of March hit an all-time high. It has climbed to $17,080, compared with $14,160 a year ago. Used Car aka Clunker is…


Volkswagen GTI Clubsport Is Coming On The Up And Up With 2022 Model

There's a group of car models from Europe coming to the USA. But none more infamous than the Volkswagen GTI. This vehicle happens to come with a division right down the middle between the Golf and the Civic Type R. It's proper known as the GTI Clubsport. VW and Porsche in the past have both been able to use Clubsport and "Club Sport" Interchangeably. But for the newest model by…


President Joe Biden Took The Ford F150 Lightning For A Spin

Direct from the office of President Joe Biden, we've seen his orders to drive the Ford F150 Lightning. This is a particular benefit to Ford. It's been since last week that they've announced the release of the new F150 electric vehicle. The Lightning was released with such efficient progression. The President of the USA is still going to have a vehicle that drives around. The President will enjoy having a…


2021 Bentley Flying Spur V-8 Is A Revolutionary Model For The Automaker

It's a new type of vehicle that Bentley is possessing. Their Flying Spur V-8 is truly a remarkable model. This Bentley model that can totally break the bitcoin bank if it wanted to, is absolutely a brand-new innovation for Bentley. How so? Well, after a stunning year of global sales, the Flying Spur comes in at a pricey $199,725. This vehicle is equipped with a twin-turbocharge of a 4.0-liter V-8.…


Kilowatt Hours: Electric Vehicles Have Gross and Net Capacities

The range of electric vehicles usually depends on how large the battery is. Therein which lies two metrics. These are having to do with the capacity of the battery. Even then, manufacturers aren't clear or generally excited about what the capacities represent in certain amounts. Gross capacity is what a pack can theoretically whereas net capacity is how much from the battery pack that the car needs to operate. Battery…

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