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AB5: California Law Affects Owner/Operators

AB5 (Assembly Bill 5) is going to affect upwards of 70,000 trucking jobs in the US. With the trucking industry already hitting an all-time low for new recruits, this new bill will drastically change the way independent contractors are viewed by employers. ABC Test The ABC test is the industry standard for how a hiring entity must establish its contract with an owner/operator. The process is as follows: A: The…


Self Driving Algorithms: Are They Safe?

Self-driving cars have had a slow emergence since the initial inception over a decade ago. Big names in autonomous driving like Google and Tesla have made extensive moves towards optimizing the safety standards for their vehicles. This is a major factor why it has taken so long for the self-driving industry to "hit the road". Self Driving Safety Issues There are an infinite amount of possible accidents that can happen…


Auto Transport Guide: Vehicle Preparation 101

Need your car shipped from your old home to the new one? You’ll have to enlist the help of an auto transport company for that. With an auto transport company, your vehicle is securely loaded onto a carrying truck and transported to its destination. Keep in mind that there are various methods of transport and at the request of the customer. You can check out the different styles of transport…


Uber Freight Spreads to Canada

Uber Freight, a freight brokerage division of Uber Technologies, announced that it has expanded its operations into Canada. Opening a path to move domestic and cross-border truckloads. The Canadian market is Uber Freight’s first international expansion from North America. Just last week the freight brokerage expanded into Poland from Germany. To facilitate its Canadian marketplace, Uber Freight has released an app in both English and in French. Canada is the…


Top 5 Dangerous States to Drive According to Truckers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of all the fatalities on the road, 2.4% nationwide are truckers. But in some states that percentage is much higher. In North Dakota alone, the truck driver fatality rate is at 8.8%, the highest in the country.  Partially because of the state’s oil boom, it is the overall worst state for workplace fatalities. The majority being related to “transportation incidents.” Here we…

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The Best States To Be A Truck Driver

According to a new study realized by the job-helper website Zippia, not every state in the US is equally nice for truck drivers. They have taken several aspects into consideration while doing this research. For example, they have compared the average salary for a trucker in each state. Besides, they paid attention to the earnings made by the lowest 10% wages in the field and compared it to the highest…


Advance Your Trucking Career

Perhaps you are a rookie trucker just entering the field or have been trucking for quite some time now. Whatever the case may be, it is always a good idea to capitalize on opportunities that will advance your trucking career. Undoubtably, you can expect to receive higher pay and better routes the longer you drive. Therefore, we’ve put together a few effective ways drivers can advance their career in trucking.…


California Independent Truckers Not Obeying Climate Rules

A fight is ready to emerge in Sacramento around the idea of what defines an employee as opposed to a contract worker. This potential conflict is the result of a court decision referred to as the Dynamex ruling. This decision, A.B. 5, created by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) is the most recent endeavor to put the dispute to bed. In this case she’s hoping to settle the conflict with…


Drivers Not Thrilled With Changes to HOS Rules

It’s finally arrived after all the discussion and back and forth. The suggested changes to federal hours-of-service (HOS) for the trucking industry has gone public, and the general consensus among most drivers is that the adjustments are unremarkable. However, a segment of independent operators applauded the flexibility it allows in extending the workday. On Wednesday, August 14, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, unveiled five proposals meant to relax driving…


Time to Smog-Check Diesel Trucks

The smog check is a fact of life for passenger car drivers in California, and it has been for a long time. Every other year drivers have to bring their cars into a smog check location to guarantee that they’ve been maintained and aren’t filling the air with pollutants. Oddly, even though heavy-duty diesel trucks rank as one of the biggest culprits for pollutions the state doesn’t require their owners…

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