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Second Tesla Owner is Suing The Company Over an Autopilot Crash

This is the second Tesla owner suing the company over an autopilot crash. After the latest auto crash involving Tesla and driving on Autopilot, the owner is suing Tesla for false advertising. The crash happened when the Tesla Autopilot ran into the back of a stationary car. Another crash of Tesla Autopilot involved a collision of a stationary fire truck at highway speed. China no longer is getting the bulk…


What is Better than Benefits from Other Companies? Best Buy Seeks Toys R Us Customers

UNITED STATES -- Big companies are racing around the $10.5 billion in toy sales left behind by Toys “R” Us. Best Buy as well. Toy inventory is being enlarged by Best Buy in more than 1,300 US stores. The company hopes that when customers will walk in to buy a new technology device, during the holiday season, and will come out with toys for their children. According to Jason Bonfig,…


Man Died in a Fatal Crash After Hitting a Tree: Investigation is Underway

Arroyo Grande, California - An incident with a pickup driver who crashed into a tree ended up killing the driver. The man was killed on Sunday night. He was driving his pickup off Highway 227. The crash occurred when the driver hit a tree north of Arroyo Grande. It was around 7:16 p.m. The vehicle he was driving was a 1997 Mazda pickup. For some unknown reasons, the driver suddenly…


Elon Musk Introduces the New High-Speed, Underground Public Transportation System

LOS ANGELES, California – A public hearing will take place Tuesday at the ballpark, where the plan of building a zero-emission, high-speed, underground public transportation system from the Hollywood area to Dodger Stadium will be discussed. Officials at The Boring Co. and the city reported to make presentations on the project and an overview of the environmental review process, as well as receive public comments. Elon Musk is the owner…


Truck Filled with Fake Firearms and Grenades Attracted LAPD’s Attention at LAX

LOS ANGELES, California -- A truck filled with fake firearms and replica grenades prompted the Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad to respond to Los Angeles International Airport and shut down traffic on Friday morning. The weapons turned out to be movie props, police said.   Traffic diversions were put in place at LAX after Los Angeles airport police conducted a random vehicle inspection at a checkpoint on the lower…


The Small Plane Crash Left all 5 Passengers Dead in Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, California -- A crash of the Cessna 414 Chancellor took place in Santa Ana, around a mile from John Wayne Airport, in the parking lot of a shopping center. According to Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac, the pilot of the aircraft had declared an emergency before the crash.   A dashcam video shows the final disturbing moments of a small plane that plummeted to the ground Sunday,…


Firefighters Continue to Battle 4,700-Acre Fire in Idyllwild, California

IDYLLWILD, California -- On Thursday morning, firefighters in the Idyllwild area continued to battle a 4,700-acre brush fire that erupted the previous day and spread quickly, destroying 5 homes and prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency.   As part of the declaration, Brown ordered California's Office of Emergency Services to provide government assistance to Riverside County and suspended a one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits…


A Pregnant Woman Killed in a Hit-and-Run Crash in San Bernardino

SAN BERNARDINO, California -- A 39-year-old pregnant mother of 8 was just feet from the curb after crossing a street in San Bernardino, California, when a black Dodge Charger ran a red light and slammed into her, according to the police department.   The impact threw Maribel Gonzalez, who had been crossing with the light in a marked crosswalk, 150 feet down the street, killing her, also, her unborn child,…


A 63-Year-Old Postal Worker Found Dead in Her Truck while Delivering Mail

WOODLAND HILLS, California -- A longtime U.S. Postal worker was found dead in her truck on Friday after delivering mail when temperatures reached nearly 120 degrees in Southern California, her family said.   Peggy Frank, 63, was found unresponsive in her truck around 3 p.m. Friday in, local news reported. Paramedics arrived at the scene and pronounced the grandmother dead after several attempts to revive her.   The exact cause…


Two People Shot and Killed in Santa Fe Springs

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California – A Downey motel shooting left 2 people killed on Saturday morning by a suspect that officials later arrested in Santa Fe Springs following an hour-long standoff.   A Los Angeles SWAT team helped in taking the 29-year-old Raymond Joseph Penland into custody from a Santa Fe Springs warehouse after he allegedly killed two people outside Rick’s Motel in Downey.   The Downey Police Department and…

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