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College Car Transport

Are you moving onto a college campus? Or maybe you’re just about to move to a new dorm? Whatever your reason for moving, let Global Auto Transportation help with college car transport! GAT is a licensed and bonded car shipping company. We provide insurance for every vehicle we ship. We offer a variety of car shipping services. Our drivers are safe and efficient on the road. And we have live agents who will be happy to assist you every step of the shipping process! Whether you want door-to-dorm shipping or a different delivery method, we’re happy to show you how we can help.

First of all, congratulations!

Whether you take that in regards to having finished high school or getting accepted into your preferred university, we’re proud of your success and look forward to seeing what good you do with your future. By the way, we’re also thrilled to offer you college student discounts for your college car transport. It’s essentially one of the best services we offer, as it’s affordable, convenient and such a breeze to arrive on campus with your vehicle there waiting for you to drive around town in.

And moves can be scary. This college car transport may be the first of many moves to leave your family behind when working on your future. But if your parents know anything, it’s that you have the potential to contribute something great to your legacy. Why let the hassle of traveling across the country weigh down your excitement? Transport your car with GAT and we’ll be happy to stick with your vehicle safely the whole ride through.

What type of car do you want to ship?

These days it’s so difficult to decide where to turn when you need reliable and trustworthy college car transport now. Well, you’ve got us. Done deal. The question is, how do you want your vehicles shipped with us? If you have a nice starter car with low mileage, we suggest our most popular option, open-air college car transport. Now, if you’re only traveling from one town to another to move into your new college residence, we would like to suggest expedited car transport or short-distance auto shipping. Both these options save time and money.

Hypothetically, if you work hard enough, you can start the school year off in style. In which case, we’d be happy to suggest an enclosed college car transport trailer. That way, your classy SUV, retro vintage model or superfast sports car can be safe from harm’s way.

Finally, if there’s a couple of you and your friends starting at the same University, why not use our full-load auto transport option? We can fit multiple vehicles in at a time and not even break a sweat. Whichever car shipping service you choose, you’re in good hands, while primed to start off the school year right.

Some of GAT’s popular inter state and inter city College Car Transport routes:

When you need amazing college car transport, you need to hit us up at (888) 803-0501 to speak with a live representative who can help provide the best rates for your college move. Reach out to Global Auto Transportation today and get FREE Price Quote on your next university auto shipping order request.