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Dealer Purchase

When a dealer purchase auto shipping happens, there is a loan that comes from an auto retailer to the customers, which the gets sold to the bank. From there, the financial institution gets the loans at a discount while also collecting interest payments from the borrower.

This happens with all sorts of consumer products but it happens to be the most rampant with dealer purchase. Another way it’s most common for auto retailers and customers to engage in dealer purchase car transport is because usually customers who aren’t able to qualify due to poor credit scores, still receive the benefit of the doubt as auto dealers still enjoy marketing to them. Car purchase financing is a fancy way of saying that car dealers like to mark the price upward when it comes to the finance company’s interest rate. Whatever’s left is taken for profit.

Why Trust Global Auto Transportation?

Our team has been operating for years. For more than thirteen of these years, our dealer purchase car shipping has been prominent in the industry.. We have the background to handle all sorts of auto shipping scenarios. So we know what we’re talking about when giving you FREE Quote estimates on your next shipping order. It’s just a perk of having leadership that is skilled in the industry of logistics. But it’s more than just our expertise.

We choose reliable and kind drivers to bring your dealer purchases right to your car dealership. That’s just what a dealer purchase is all about. What more could you expect from a company that repeatedly cares enough about our customers to check the restraints and bring it to your preferred destination, without a scratch?

Another one of the many reasons you can rely on GAT is thanks to our amazing call staff. Live agents during normal business hours are always busy arranging the time, place and nature of pick-ups and drop-offs for dealer purchase car transport. Yet, if you can believe it, they always make time to take on new customers and help them out in a pinch. This type of auto shipping is a welcome service we provide for you because we love to see good people taken care of. (Just maybe, our customers are the best people!)

In all seriousness, we provide a coverage plan in the case of an accident and live phone and web support from our dedicated team of a family-run company. We know what we’re talking about, what we’re doing and what are the best provisions you can make to accentuate the benefits of our dealer purchase car transport.

An example of this is enclosed car transport. This is good if the dealer purchase happens to be for an exotic, luxury brand of vehicles, like Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce.

Another way we can sweeten the deal for dealer purchases is by handling boat dealerships as well. Our trailers are big enough to handle any job, no matter the size! So, why not? Take a chance on us! We live to please.

Some of GAT’s popular inter state and inter city Car Dealer Auto Transport routes:

When you’re an auto dealership and you need dealer purchase car transport, turn to us at Global Auto Transportation. Once you reach us by calling (888) 803-0501 we’ll be happy to fulfill any requests you may have, starting with giving you a FREE Quote