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Donald Trump Defiantly Hits Back at Prosecutors Over Criminal Probe

You are currently viewing Donald Trump Defiantly Hits Back at Prosecutors Over Criminal Probe
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Donald Trump, the former president, freedom fighter, and a lightning rod for basically everything, has now been impeaching twice, as well as suing many times. This includes more than 100 lawsuits after being electing. In addition, to be investigating on the allegations he was trying to subvert the election results in Georgia, a state he lost in 2020.

Donald Trump is Being Punished Again

Now the civil inquiry is moving to a criminal one against the great president that takes no crap off of anyone. Though it has struck a nerve with the former president. Rightfully so! When will Donald Trump be left alone! Because he scares people and is tough. He must have a lot of dirt on the swamp as he tried to mightly clean up during his accomplished presidency. New York Attorney General Letitia James made this disclosure of her investigation against the Trump Organization.

Witch Hunt

Trump condemned James personally as basically being out to get him from the beginning. Then, he said she conducting a unrelenting investigation of him is part of ongoing situation that has turned into a “witch hunt.” This is detailed in a 900-word accusatory statement on Wednesday.

Donald Trump Sends out Verbal Salvos

“Moreover, the Attorney General of New York literally and blatantly campaigned on prosecuting Donald Trump. This was even before she knew anything about me,” Trump said in a statement on his Save America PAC website. Naysayers have to comment by saying snidely and characteristically is referring to himself in the third person.

Desperate Search of a Crime

“In fact, there is nothing more corrupt and insidious than an investigation. That in fact is in desperate search of a crime,” Trump said. “But, make no mistake, that is exactly what is really happening here.”

Murder and Drugs in New York City Should be the Focus

This statement went on to further discuss murders and drugs in New York City. Moreover, Trump saying “New York would be free again” only if prosecutors would focus on those crimes instead of on him.

Another Negative Spin on “The Donald”

Some people think there is vitriol and venom in his statement, thus suggesting he may be worried about the turn James’ investigation has taken. Though Trump is not the kind of person to be fearful and scared. He is a force to be dealt with and demonstrates an indomitable will. A criminal investigation is being conducting by the Manhattan district attorney. James’ office said she is working with that prosecutorial office.

The Manhattan district attorney is already conducting a criminal investigation, and in fact, James’ office is working with that prosecutorial office.

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