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Dr. Fauci says Some Fox News Corona Virus Coverage is ‘Outlandish’

You are currently viewing Dr. Fauci says Some Fox News Corona Virus Coverage is ‘Outlandish’
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is on almost every news media outlet, including Fox News, where he “spreads” messages regarding public health measures that pertinent to containing the Corona Virus. Yet the massively popular “medical hero” American is someone the public literally hangs on every word he says and takes it as gospel.

Misleading Information About the Virus

Yet Dr. Fauci is not a happy camper. This is because he sees some of the Fox Primetime coverage of the pandemic as “outlandish.” Fauci said this during an interview in conjunction with World News Day on Monday, September 28th. What he terms of misleading information, Fauci said he worries about what messages President Donald Trump is receiving.

Anthony Fauci’s Medical Credentials

Antony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In addition, he is member of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, is sometimes a perceived target of Fox News spokespeople such as Laura Ingraham.

Value Of Masks and More

Fox News sows some seeds of doubt about the importance and value of masks. Because of this, Fauci worries President Donald Trump is downplaying of the Corona Virus crisis. Therefore, in the interview, Fauci said: “if you look at the scientific data, the masks clearly work.”

A multi-faceted approach includes wearing masks as well as “keeping distance, avoiding crowds, washing hands, doing things outdoors much more than indoors.” In essence, all of the above is a combination of preventive measures that are easy to abide by.

A Consistent Message is Key

Fauci stresses that it is critical for public health officials to publicize a consistent message. Because they should do this as often as they can because there is so much misinformation during this very divisible time that we’re in. Because Fauci says the public really needs to know the facts. Therefore, he has described the pandemic as an extraordinary experience that we are all going through.

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