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Duluth Minnesota

Duluth is a port city in Minnesota. It is the biggest inland freshwater port in America. The economy relies heavily on this freshwater port, where transportation is king. Thousands of trucks travel to and from to drop off cargo to the many ships that travel all across the great lakes. However, many of those products shipped out of the port are built directly within the city limits. Duluth is a working-class city that is constantly expanding and catering to its busy summer visitor season. It’s known as the most beautiful city in Minnesota and hosts more than 6.7 million people every year who come to enjoy the crystal blue waters of Lake Superior.

Wintertime in Duluth is just as harsh as the rest of Minnesota. Duluth enjoys four beautiful seasons, but many choose to travel south in the winter to avoid the roaring snowstorms and hazardous roads. These snowbirds are always quick to return in the springtime so as not to miss some of the beautiful summers that Duluth offers. Those who stay typically continue to work at their manufacturing position or attend the University of Minnesota of Duluth. However, the summer is when Duluth flourishes. With car shows like the Annual Motorhead Madness Custom Car Show and the Proctor Car Show and Swap Meet, summertime in Duluth means taking off the snow tires and putting on the racing tires.

Duluth Minnesota Car Transport

For students moving to Duluth for school or snowbirds heading south to beat the cold, Global Auto Transportation is here for you. We offer door-to-door shipping with dozens of different trailer types to make shipping a car as easy as making a phone call. We can ship your daily driver using an open transport trailer or your classic car or hot rod using a variety of enclosed transport trailers. Best of all, we ship more than just cars, and can get your boat or RV anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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