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Hard Side Enclosed Car Transport

Global Auto Transportation is proud to present you with all sorts of enclosed car shipping options. One of our proudest would have to be the state-of-the-art hard-side enclosed shipping. Capable of fitting in several cars at once, the drivers of this trailer are able to operate hydraulic car lifts for two levels of vehicles within ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall protection. Unlike soft-side enclosed auto transport, Hard-Side enclosed auto transport keeps your car(s) safe inside a trailer with protective walls. 

With these in place, no outside air, weather or intruders could ever bother the high-end vehicles you keep preserved inside the hard-side enclosed auto shipping. It’s a welcome choice for anyone who is looking to keep their prized possession safe from harm’s way. And that type of damage can come in multiple forms. But never fear! Because we’ll keep your vintage Fords, Pontiacs, Corvettes and Oldsmobiles safe within this type of hard-side enclosed transportation.

If you have an expensive vehicle that you care to protect, you need to consider great enclosed car transport in order to best benefit your need to save your exotic or high-end model from certain doom.

Our experience, spanning beyond 13 years, tells us that though it may be a little more expensive, hard-side enclosed transport is surely one of the more secure transport options in our arsenal. We secure your vehicle on either floor, thanks to our hydraulic lift gates, keep it as snug as possible along with the other vehicles on the rack, and watch over it on the drive to your preferred destination so as not to miss anything that may give a “bump in the road” ahead.

Consider that our team at GAT has the most knowledgeable background in enclosed car shipping. Our leadership has used hard-side enclosed car transport for their vehicles before, and were even stunned by how impressive the results were. You may be too, when you see your auto arrive at your new home or office before you do. 

That’s how seriously we take enclosed auto shipping. So seriously, in fact, that we ask you to also consider hot shot enclosed car transport and soft-side enclosed auto shipping as alternatives, if this may not be the service you need. No worries! We understand if you need to take time on choosing our best option, which is hard to do because they’re all so great.

It comes from a necessity to keep you relaxed while we bring your vehicle into a trailer with solid walls to protect from both the threat of weather and grand theft auto. Based on the nature of the request, we can make this service as automated as possible. The trailer itself can fit multiple vehicles.

This option comes in handy for car collectors, auction wins and expensive movie shoots. The more protection your pricey model has, the more pristine it will be during unloading. These trailers even have motorized lift platforms so as to load vehicles on two levels of the enclosed hard-side trailer.

If you’ve got hard-side vehicles to transport, then you better reach out to us at (888) 803-0501 so that we can talk business! Sure, it’s a pricier shipping option, but we have the live call representatives around to offer you a FREE Quote so that you know the competition is no challenge for us!