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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car? Let’s Find Out!

You are currently viewing How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car? Let’s Find Out!
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There are many factors to consider when determining the cost to ship a car. Distance and location for starters is taken greatly into consideration, vehicle type, vehicle condition, choice of transport method, transport season, and fuel prices are also considered. All these factors add up and a final price is presented to you by an agent.

What Factors Affect The Cost To Ship A Car?

Distance and Location

Distance is important because the more miles traveled equals a higher price. Also, if the route traveled is a less common route, the price will be more expensive, rather than if a “hot route” is taken. A “hot route” is a route that is more common and more traveled. Another factor is if the destination is closer to an interstate highway or big city the price is more likely to be less than for a rural town that’s further away. An example is driving from Florida to Michigan will be cheaper because there it is a shorter distance in miles unlike driving from Florida to California which is more expensive because more miles are traveled.

Type of Vehicle

Generally, the size of the vehicle being shipped is factored into the cost. Typically, a vehicle that is larger in size may cost more to ship because of weight and amount of room it takes up. A smaller vehicle would cost less. Shipping companies have four categories they use to determine vehicle sizes, sedan, SUV, truck, and van.

Vehicle Condition

The condition your car is in matters. Your car can still be transported if it’s inoperable but it may cost you a little more since special tools need to be used to load and unload the vehicle. If a car has trouble with steering, breaking or rolling, it also contributes to a higher price.

Transport Method

There are two main types of car transport, open and enclosed auto shipping. Open car shipping is more commonly used and is typically cheaper. Your vehicle is transported in an open trailer which is secure but your vehicle is more exposed to dust from the road and weather conditions. Enclosed vehicle transport is usually chosen when transporting a classic car or luxury vehicle. The trailer is fully shut, which makes it more secure and ensures that the vehicle is protected from weather conditions and road dust. This type of transport usually comes at a higher cost. Another factor that can affect the cost is how fast you want your vehicle to be delivered. If you choose expedited shipping method, the cost of your car transport will rise.

Transport Season

What season the transport is taking place matters. For example, during snow bird season transporting you car south will be more expensive. This is because all the snowbirds are leaving the colder regions and travelling south to escape winter. The higher the demand is the higher the price will be. For example, a car transport from Boston to Miami will cost more than a vehicle shipment from Miami to Boston during that season.

Fuel Price

How much fuel costs during time of auto transport plays a part in the price. The frequent alternation between gas prices affects the costs of vehicle transport. This is why the cost of shipping your car may vary from week to week.


We hope our breakdown of factors that affect the cost to ship a car helps you understand the process better. If you need to ship your car you can get a free vehicle transport quote online at

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