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Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City straddles the border of Kansas and Missouri, but it sits on the Missouri side of the Missouri River. So, despite popular belief, Kansas City is indeed in Missouri. It’s a surprisingly hip town in the Midwest that boasts more fountains than Rome and more boulevards than Paris. It offers fantastic restaurants from world-renown chefs and, most importantly, barbeque. Barbeque culture is huge in Kansas City, and some have dubbed the city the barbeque capital of the world. Food, art, and history are all big parts of Kansas City. Some of their museums include the American Jazz Museum, the Negro League Baseball Museum, and, of course, the Kansas City Automotive Museum. People may come to Kansas City for the barbeque and history, but they stay for the car culture.

The Motorsports Park offers a wide variety for spectators and racers alike. Bring your car for AutoCross or rallycross racing. With road rally racing and more, there’s something for all types of drivers and engines to enjoy. Along with the countless car meets and car shows that Kansas City hosts, Kansas City is an automotive dream.

Kansas City Auto Transport

If you’re bringing your race car to the track or your classic car to a car show, Global Auto Transportation can help. Even if you just need to ship your daily driver using an open transport trailer, GAT offers a variety of trailer options. Even if you need to get your boat to the Missouri River, Global Auto Transportation ships more than just cars.

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