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Los Angeles Auto Transport

Los Angeles auto transport

When you need to ship a car in or out of “the City of Angels,” choose us. By supporting your local business, you’re encouraging a greater tomorrow for your loved ones with our company. Global Auto Transportation has been a proud staple of the Greater Los Angeles logistics community for fifteen years and counting. Since 2006, this husband-wife dream team has grown to help thousands in Los Angeles car transport and beyond.

Along the way, our representatives have been instrumental in demonstrating total professionalism with our expanding portfolio of clientele.

Likewise, we only hire the safest and most experienced drivers to handle whatever cargo you provide us in order to make your Los Angeles auto shipping order secured.

With LA being the entertainment capital of the world, it’s a no-brainer to have reasons to move here. Our beautiful metropolis is a monumental crossroads for the motion picture arts, financial industry, and cultural revolution. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying at USC or UCLA or a hardcore fan of the Lakers, Dodgers, Rams, and Galaxy. Even for the everyman, there’s so much this city has to offer you, your family, and your company. From the beaches of Malibu and the trails of Hollywood Hills to the cafes of Echo Park and the nightlife of Santa Monica Pier, plus everything in between, there’s so much to offer.

Likewise, our Los Angeles car shipping services are flexible beyond belief. They include Door-to-Door Car Transport, Full Load Auto Shipping, Military Vehicle Shipping, Corporate Relocation, College Auto Moving, and so much more. If you already do live in Los Angeles and care to relocate neighborhoods away, Global Auto Transportation offers short-distance auto transport. How so? Let’s just say that if you wanted to move from Long Beach to Calabasas, we have the job handled with great drivers and excellent support.

In general, whether a small radius or states away, our Los Angeles auto transport team ensures more support for your car than any other company in the business. To sweeten the deal, you can support local businesses by dropping your car off at our office in Burbank. Let us ship your outbound vehicle from here and you’ll instantly unlock a $50 discount to your order.

Enclosed Auto Shipping

At Global Auto Transportation your closed-car transport is one of the best services in the city. It’s an excellent way to keep your vintage or high-end vehicle safe in a covered carrier. These trailers, come in three varieties: hotshot, hard-side enclosed, and soft-side enclosed. They’re all worthwhile options to choose from with varying degrees of pricing. Yet, each of them keeps your prized possession safe from harm and storm. That’s the beauty of our fortified trailers. Protecting your cars from certain trouble that may be caused normally by weather and vandalism alike.

Hot Shot car transport is recommended for your retro rides with low clearance. In a tight container, we can lower a ramp that will be easy to drive onto in order to ensure minimal energy on the part of the older model.

Hard-Side Enclosed car transport comes with the newest car carriers. Its efficiency displayed in a hydraulic lift-gate makes it beautiful to watch as it raises your exotic vehicle into a lofty area of snug protection. Thanks to our restraints, we can give your muscle car the VIP protection it deserves.

Soft-Side Enclosed car transport makes it easy and simple for our drivers to access your auction win or dealership swap with tarps covering either side of the trailer. However, we keep our tent-on-wheels extra tight and locked so as to shelter your vehicle from sneaky onlookers and pesky weather.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Protocol

From the moment you leave your car with Global Auto Transportation to the day you receive it at your final destination, rest assured that our team keeps your auto safe the entire way through. This begins with a warm welcome from our coordinator. He or she will be present in assessing the state of the vehicle before providing the proper paperwork that details the specifics agreed in your specific order. An inspection will be conducted between our team and the driver we hire to ship your car to or from LA. (Keep in mind, we also ship company box trucks, recreational boats, RVs and even limousines.)

From there, the auto shipping begins. While we estimate an efficient time frame to drop off your vehicle at the requested location, do consider that all of our drivers follow the rules of the road strictly when engaging in auto transport. Depending on the length of the car shipping, this may justify their need to rest overnight and fuel up on gas multiple times along the way. Safety comes first, after all.

Once drop-off begins, be aware that we keep a watchful eye on every car we handle. To reinforce this policy, there’s always a secure camera on-site to ensure all evidence is collected and accounted for, in the case of further car shipping speculation. Inspections are further encouraged before final payment of the finished job and voila! We just moved your vehicle for an unbeatable price! How do you like that? We love our repeat auto transport customers.

Why Are We Number One In SoCal Car Transport?

For starters, accidents happen. And while we don’t count on them to occur on our watch, we do offer and encourage bumper-to-bumper insurance for our auto transport. Because Global Auto Transportation has been there before, and if there’s anything we’d want our vehicles to be protected from, it’s damages and liabilities. Just the type of neighborly suggestion that you can expect from our LA Office.

Another way we’re so convenient for you involves a cheat code if you will. When you leave your vehicle at our Burbank office, whilst engaging in your anticipated move, our area is carefully monitored from our terminal 24/7. Free from the pestilence of meter parking or the unreliability of absent-minded friends or family, your car can stay in place, without a trace of scratches or forced entry while in our lot.

Plus, another benefit of auto transport with our company involves direct communication with our live car shipping coordinators. They’ve been trained to give you only the most reliable car transport services and are consistently on the phone, fighting for the best deal while securing your vehicle. That’s our level of commitment. If there are any questions, concerns, or comments, our call staff would love nothing more than to help accentuate your auto transport experience.

Excited to get started with your auto shipment? Call Los Angeles Auto Transport at this number or visit the link! (888) 803-0501 We’ll get you started with a FREE Quote so that you can know from the get-go how much we value your shipping request. Our team is thrilled to work with you for excellent LA car shipping today!

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