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Montpelier Vermont

Montpelier VermontVermont’s capital city is a picturesque scene in any town USA. It’s got all the greatness of a small town but enough people for a new resident to meet and enjoy events with new friends and locals. It’s been rated the best small town for shopping by multiple publications, and locals sing the praises of the friendly neighborhoods that feel “homey.” Montpelier Vermont has everything you need if you’re ready to slow down and enjoy the scenery, and what a scenery it is. The architecture is beautiful, but even on the street, there is plenty to see. The Vermont College of Fine Arts helped catapult the city into an arts and cultural destination. The live shows, theater, galleries, and, of course, the shopping are a huge draw for Montpelier. However, once you go outside, the true beauty of Montpelier is displayed.

The city of Montpelier flourishes in all four seasons. This is especially true in the early fall and late spring. Anyone who has visited can attest that when the leaves change colors, the trees offer a magnificent art display that no human soul has been able to replicate on canvas or with words. In the winter months, Montpelier does see its fair share of snow. However, that doesn’t stop residents from getting out and enjoying the winter wonderland they call home. Just make sure to bring your four-wheel drive and snow tires.

Montpelier Auto Transport

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