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Morgantown West Virginia

Morgantown West VirginiaIn 1863, West Virginia separated from Virginia to become its own state. Four years later, West Virginia University opened its doors for the first students to enter its gates. To this day, the two are synonymous with one another. The Mountaineers take over the town every fall and run things until summer break returns students back to their home towns every year. The surge of students helps local businesses flourish year round. This makes Morgantown a great place with excellent bars, restaurants, and activities for all ages. But Morgantown is more than just a college town.

Throughout all of the history of West Virginia, the only thing more prominent than the Mountaineers was the mining industry. This is still true today, and Morgantown is not an exception. The mining industry supports Morgantown along with the manufacturing industry. Pharmaceuticals are the top manufacturing product, but other chemicals, glass, and glassware also begin their journey in Morgantown. Some may think that Morgantown, West Virginia, is all about work and education, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Monongalia County Fair grounds support some of the best entertainment in the state. You can find the Monongalia County Fair Annual Car Show every summer and witness the next generation of the auto industry.

Morgantown Auto Transport

Students come from all over the United States to attend West Virginia University. If you’re a student moving to West Virginia, you may need some help. For almost two decades, Global Auto Transportation has helped students ship their cars to school. However, we help more than just students. GAT has more trailer options than any other company, which means they can ship more than just cars. They can ship motorcycles, RVs, trucks, and even boats. If you can drive it, then Global Auto Transportation can ship it.

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