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New Bedford Massachusetts

New Bedford SkylineNew Bedford Massachusetts is America’s #1 fishing port and offers some of the best seafood options in the country. A coastal town that has a history as old as America itself. Previously, the biggest point of interest was its waling museum, but over the past decade, New Bedford has undergone its own renaissance. Cleaning up the downtown area, where streets are still lined with cobblestone, has brought many new local bars, restaurants, and shops. However, the port is still what New Bedford relies on to keep its economy running.

Most people who live in New Bedford work for the city or work for the port in some capacity or another. The New Bedford fish market is the go-to place for local chefs looking for the catch of the day. However, more than a million pounds of seafood enter and exit this port every day. These deliveries can go to places like Texas and all the way to Asia. It has won the distinction of being the most valuable fishing port in America every year since 2001.

Although the sea is where people in New Bedford work, the road is where they have their fun. With dozens of car meetups and car shows, New Bedford loves their cars. Take in the Team Diablo bi-weekly car meet to see the latest in custom cars on the road. Or check out Airport Cruise nights right there at the Bedford International Airport. With tons of options for land and sea, New Bedford residents all have one quality shipping company to ship their vehicles.

New Bedford Auto Transport

For those who need to get their boats to the port or their classic cars to the car show, Global Auto Transportation is the place to call. We ship more than just cars and have a variety of trailers to make sure your vehicle arrives safely.

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