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President Joe Biden May Ban TikTok If Parent Company Deviates

You are currently viewing President Joe Biden May Ban TikTok If Parent Company Deviates
TikTok is certainly losing time on the clock until they may get banned.
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TikTok is suffering in the United States as the owners the platform are facing a likely ban in the United STates. This is all due to the Chinese owners being confronted by President Joe Biden and the led by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States  United States Treasury. As of this writing, the CFIUS have had their message received by TikTok and there are currently no disputes against the matter. Of course, the demand arrives right as security concerns rise regarding the video-sharing application. The company that owns TikTok, known as ByteDance, is being given two choices.

ByteDance can create a spinoff of TikTok or risk getting banned. Although there is the chance TikTok will risk getting banned as selling out won’t quite be the way to solve the perceived security issue. When it comes to protecting national security, TikTok is convinced that divestment can’t handle the issues risen from the change in ownership couldn’t bring about any restrictions that allow for data flows or access. As it turns out, the greatest means of knowing how national security works is when there is transparency within the U.S.-based protection of user data and systems hold veritable third-party monitoring and verification, which are implemented by TikTok.

TikTok may not ever get the chopping block.

Already, the negotiations have been going on for beyond two years as the app is still believed to be operating onwards and upwards in the United States. As of writing, the social media platform has been surpassing 100 million U.S. users. TikTok has believed as a result that they’re still going through with “Project Texas.” It’s a plan that routes user traffic through the Oracle cloud servers in order to address any likely security concerns.

Later this month, it’s looking like TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is going to appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee while the lawmakers once again cracck down on comsumer data privacy and security practices. 

Ah, yes. One of those classic social media and government sit-downs before a certain house committee is about to happen again because some lawyer totally forgot about the fine print in a social media’s privacy policy. We’ll see who gets the leg over in this seemingly eternal debate. It’s left to be seen how likely that TikTok may alter. But one thing’s for sure, the trend of prosecuting the social media platforms isn’t likely to fade for some time.

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