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Rose Rocket To Modernize Trucking Industry With Their App

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According to ATA statistics, trucks move 70% of the freight in the United States. It is hard to underestimate the role of trucking in the shipping industry. Trucking is also a valuable market bringing $603 billion in revenue. To maximize the profits and modernize the tools used by the industry, a company called Rose Rocket, that operates in the US and Canada, is working on new software.


Rose Rocket has developed an app that allows trucking companies to manage orders and operations using the internet service that is targeted on LTL carriers (“less than truckload” carriers that transport small freight). It also helps truck drivers increasing their efficiency on the road. The service is able to grow profits by 25% by removing expensive data entry and improving communication.


Justin Bailie, the co-founder, has worked in an international trucking industry and has himself seen the opportunities to improve efficiency. He has realized that trucking companies might benefit from more freight visibility, and that’s how Rose Rocket has been born. It helps not only drivers, but shipping companies with fleets of hundreds of trucks. Rose Rocket is a service for carriers and drivers, as well as their customers. While carriers can manage operations and drivers can easily contact the home office using the app, customers are able to access a web portal where they can quickly get pricing, place orders and get notifications about the status of delivery.


The company currently has 10 carriers as their customers, and the price range is between $1,500 and $5,000 which is significantly less compared with how much a carrier can spend on data entry. Bailie hopes to eventually make Rose Rocket a trucking logistical platform that will become the baseline of the industry.

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  1. dylan burns

    Rose Rocket seems incredibly efficient. Not only that, but increasing profits by 25% is not a small feat. This really seems to cut through the barriers of outdated technology. Like going from dial up internet to a cable modem. Would like to see this come into play in the near future and it def seems like it will.

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