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Shreveport Louisiana

Shreveport Louisiana SkylineShreveport is one of those towns down south that even though it’s one of the largest populated cities in Louisiana, you can still find history around every corner. On one street, you can find huge industrial and modern skyscrapers, and on the next block over, you will find historic buildings that have been around for hundreds of years. It’s a perfect marriage of new and old that allows residents to enjoy their history while still having access to all the modern amenities of society. What is considered the commercial and industrial hub of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, Shreveport still finds room to cater to the arts and military alike. You can start at the Agora Borealis Art Museum and drive ten minutes across the Red River to the Barksdale Air Force Base Visitor Center in ten minutes. Shreveport truly caters to every walk of life.

Many people come to live in Shreveport due to the air force base. Military moves are common in Shreveport. With over 5,000 active duty personnel and another 2,500 civilian employees, Barskdale Air Force Base is one of the largest employers in Shreveport. However, most of the moves in Shreveport are actually leaving. Its shrinking population means many people are on the move. Listed by the New York Times as the worst place to live in the United States without a car, many people are moving with their cars.

Shreveport Auto Transport

If you’re one of the hundreds of people moving to or from Shreveport, you’re going to need an auto shipper to help you with your move. Global Auto Transportation has helped people in Shreveport for almost two decades. There’s nothing on four wheels we can’t help with. No matter if you’re a military member needing to move your car to a new base or you need to move a tank across the state for a training exercise, we have you covered.

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