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Southaven Mississippi

Southaven MississippiSouthaven is the third largest city in Mississippi, and it is only getting bigger. Many people choose to move to Southaven because of the growing number of opportunities the city has to offer. Most people end up working in warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and production at the numerous companies hiring in the area. However, the growing retail industry offers many options for those who prefer customer-facing opportunities. With amazing schools far above the national average, Southaven is a fantastic place to raise a family. However, there’s plenty to do in this quiet suburb.

The annual ARC Northwest Mississippi Car Show is one of the big ticket events that roll through Southaven every spring. When there are no great events, there’s amazing thrift shopping everywhere you look. You can find stores that offer antique records and furniture under one building, and of course, the cars. Southaven is one of the best places to find a car auction in Mississippi. The Dealer’s Automobile Auction and the 51 Auto Auction Inventory are two must-sees for anyone really looking to do some thrift shopping.

Southaven Auto Transport

If you’re moving to or from Southaven, you might want to call an auto transport company to help you with your move. Or if you happened to win a great deal at a nearby car auction, you’re going to need to find a way to get your car home. Let Global Auto Transportation help you with all your auto shipping needs. For the last 16 years, GAT has helped people ship all sorts of vehicles all across the United States and Puerto Rico.

With door-to-door transport options, shipping a car with GAT is as easy as making a phone call. The only thing you need to decide is what type of trailer you want to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a classic car from an auction or need to ship your daily driver to your new job, GAT has you covered.

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