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Springfield Illinois

Springfield IllinoisAs the state’s capitol, Springfield, Illinois, is one of the largest municipalities in Illinois. The capitol actually moved to Springfield, which helped build the town to its current glory. Despite it being the second location of the capitol, Springfield is known as the City of Firsts. It is the location of America’s first armory and military arsenal, and it is also the sight of the first American-made automobile. Springfield may have changed a great deal since then, but this town still loves its cars.

Home to a number of antique auction houses, Springfield is a great place to find the antique car of your dreams. Especially considering some of the first cars were built right here in the town. However, many people start their career in Springfield and then move on to do great things. People like Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, Dr. Suess, and a number of professional basketball players all called Springfield home at one point in their lives.

Springfield is a town that people either come to do great things or use as a springboard to do great things. One thing is for sure: Springfield breeds greatness. If you’re moving to Springfield to move and shake the world of politics, or you’re taking off to take the world by storm, you’re probably going to need to ship your car.

Springfield Auto Transport

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