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GAT Trailer Transport

Trailer Transport

Our Trailer Transport can handle any size of cargo trailers.


Let us know the dimensions and we will move it for you!

If you’re in the business in which hauling huge equipment is necessary, it’s best if you can use a cargo trailer. A cargo trailer can easily haul all types of heavy items. This includes construction equipment and tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, antique and craft pieces. The good thing about using a cargo trailer is that it allows you to take your business equipment and tools from one point to another without any fuss.



Mobile Home Trailer Transport

Trailer homes or mobile homes also known as house trailers are made in a factory rather than on-site. These homes are available from different mobile home manufacturers and they will be delivered to the specified site where they will be used as residences. Since these homes are built with chassis that are made with permanent top quality tires and wheels, they are easy to transport using tractor-trailers through public roads. Some people prefer to use their mobile homes in one location, but they still retain the structures’ mobility, because of certain area requirements. There are ways to hide the wheels in order to make the structures look like regular homes.


A solar trailer is a movable equipment with a purpose to provide remote power backup anytime and anywhere. This kind of trailer is equipped with the remote power generating system. Plus, additional compartments that are of use and custom for different purposes. For instance, the shelves can be useful for power tool storage while the drawers are useful for storing supplies and parts as well as for power cables and other tools and components essential to the job site.


Mobile solar trailers are designed for different purposes such as to provide building contractors with instant and accessible energy. In which, they can use to power up their tools, radios and lights. The trailer provides quiet power, which means it can operate even in the dead of the night and even at the most remote location, as it will not disturb anyone’s rest even the forest inhabitants.


A solar trailer is also very essential during disaster relief activities when remote power supply can be very useful. Other uses include camping trips and other outdoor functions such as garden weddings and family barbecues. The uses of the solar trailer are simply limitless.


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