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Truckers’ Planned Protest

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U.S. – There is a nation-wide movement in which truckers are organizing a shut-down for April 12, 2019. The group organizing this movement, calls itself Black Smoke Matters. 

Back in October, the group staged their first protest. This particular truckers’ protest slowed traffic along Interstate 95 in Washington D.C. but didn’t have any long-term effects.

The Black Smoke Matters movement is calling for trucker solidarity. Their goal is for truck drivers across the nation to join forces on April 12 to shut down their trucks for the day.  Truckers request reform in hours of service, training and safety standards and parking regulations for loading and unloading. Also, these truck drivers request that FMCSA regulate inspections across the country and include drivers in any future political proposals.

The group believes that trucking standards no longer concern truckers themselves. This led to a need for a truckers’ protest.

Although, it is unclear how much momentum the group has gained. The group’s following is unclear if one is not in the loop with the group.

Consequently, Ray Martinez, head of FMCSA suggests that the driver shortage and the introduction of electronic logging devices (ELDs) triggered the movement.  The shortage of truckers triggered a quick response from the government and truckers themselves weren’t asked about inputting ELDs.

Since the ELD issue hasn’t gotten a good response, the FMCSA has attempted to improve their regulations.

Above all, the FMCSA believes if the government acts on mending regulations the trucker’s won’t strike in April.

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