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Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Oklahoma SkylineYou will always find Tulsa on the list of the most affordable cities to live in. Maybe that’s why so many people are moving to this great city. The city has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Oil and energy are the most common jobs. These industries span back to the origins of Tulsa. However, in the new century, there are many more job opportunities for all. The city even has an incentive program that pays new residents $10,000 to work remotely from Tulsa to incentivize more technology jobs in the community. This helps balance the median age because retirees love Tulsa. The city offers some of the best tax incentives for retirees to make Tulsa their forever home. Tax incentives like paying nothing in taxes for their social security.

However, young people move to Tulsa as well. The University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts University welcome a flock of new students every fall. Even more, the nearby Arkansas River brings tourists from all over to cool off in the refreshing waters. Tulsa is one of those cities that’s equal parts metropolis and country. Southern hospitality runs strong in the city and keeps it one of the safest cities despite its large population.

Tulsa Auto Transport

Students moving to Tulsa for school, young professionals moving for work, or retirees moving to save money on taxes may require the assistance of an auto shipping company. Global Auto Transportation has helped Tulsa residents move to or from anywhere in the United States. GAT offers more trailer options than any other company. You can ship your daily driver on an open transport trailer or your classic car on an enclosed transport trailer. And we ship more than just cars. Bring your boat to the Arkansas River or your RV to start your next road trip. Global Auto Transportation has you covered. With door-to-door shipping options, shipping a car is as easy as making a phone call.

Call GAT at (888) 803-0501 to find out how easy it is to ship your car today. Or go online for a free quote delivered right to your inbox.