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Van Transport

Have your Van Transported Safely with GAT

The only Van Transport Service with door to door delivery option

If you need to have your van transported to another destination and you do not want to have it driven on the road, your best option is to hire a van transport company.

Such a service will provide you with an effective and safe way to get your van from one point to the next.

Why our Van Transport Service?

Van Transport

icon HanddrawnArrows Reliable Van transport should offer their services for any kind of van such as; cargo vans, sprinter vans, step vans, passenger vans and even armored vehicles and that is exactly what our Van transport service offers.


icon HanddrawnArrows Price Beat Guarantee – We make sure you will get the best transport quotes.  However, we still advise that you check other van transport companies in order to compare the prices. We can always beat the price for you, our van transport quotes are not final.

We also have limousine transport and box trucks transport services.


How to prepare your van for shipping – General Guide

It is important to know you are responsible for preparing your van for shipment. The shipping company’s job starts with loading your van into their transporting trailer. This means that prior to the transport company’s representative; your van should be highly prepared.


If you have no clear idea on how to get your van prepared for shipping, it would be best if you can ask your van transporter for some useful tips. It will help you prepare your vehicle for long transport.


One thing that you need to check is your vehicle insurance. It may or may not cover your vehicle in transit, so you need to make sure about it. There are insurance companies that ensure vehicles in transport but not the items inside. It’s a good idea to really check that out. Just to make sure, you can also try asking your shipping company if they allow items inside the vehicles they transport. Transport companies have insurance as well, and it may or may not cover items inside the vehicles they ship.



It is important to keep in mind that you have to make sure that the auto transport company can really ship your specific type of vehicles. Another important thing to check if the vehicle destination is part of the company’s service coverage. It is vital as well to ask if they do a door-to-door shipping delivery service. There are van shipping companies that require their clients pick up their vehicles at and from specific garages.


A better option is if your van is delivered at the exact address of your specified destination.


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