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Volkswagen To Sell EV’s Online

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Volkswagen is taking steps to re-think how it sells its new line of EVs. The current global pandemic has shut down the world. From small business owners to big oil companies, COVID-19 is changing how we go about our lives.

The company is one of the largest producers of electric vehicles. Next to Tesla, VW owns a large portion of German EV sales. With the future of the company and all other auto manufacturers changing how they sell, VW has gone completely online.

Volkswagen Moves ID Line

The move to online is response to alternative measures to continue sales while the COVID-19 curve flattens. The process will shift away from walking into an auto dealer and getting the hard sale right away.

VW will have customers browse their selection if the ID models online, then once a vehicle is selected, they will take them to their local auto dealer for a test drive. The safety standards will be kept and masks and gloves will be required in order for the test drive to happen. Placement on orders will go through VW directly.

Electric Car Industry Takes a Hit

The overall well being of the electric industry is on the decline. With Tesla getting their operations back on track and building cheaper, more consumer friendly vehicles, other companies are focusing on different means to sell their cars.

The other major fighter, Tesla, owns a large number of car sales in Germany. They have also started a new factory in Shanghai. The moves that all electric car companies are taking are to help improve during a time of both economic and health crisis.

This move will greatly appeal to those looking to purchase a new car and ween themselves off of fossil fuels. For now, the world is on lock-down. As speculation as to when the economy will be back on track is limited, the proper steps are being implemented to continue growing.

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