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White House Wants Congress to Move Forward on Universal Child Care

You are currently viewing White House Wants Congress to Move Forward on Universal Child Care
Putting Kids First with Universal Child Care
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White House officials are really still stinging from the loss of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Also, the nearly $2 trillion in social spending it would have provided. They are testing the viability of one of the major administration policy priorities. It would be to strip from the huge package: universal child care.

White House Addressing Parents’ Challenges

“In fact, most of us do understand that quality child care, is really not cheap. That would apply whether it’s you or someone you hire. Also, it is not easy to find. Plus today, with the pandemic, makes it even more difficult,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said. She said this during an event at the White House. It featured parents who did speak to those challenges alongside their children, who were actually also present.

“Therefore, what we don’t often say is what Build Back Better really does represent,” the secretary said. He spoke about the president’s $1.75 trillion plan to tackle child care, prekindergarten, climate change and other social issues. “It would, in fact, be the greatest investment our country is going to have. Thus give the parents peace of mind.”

Also, the White House event does underscore the seriousness with which the Biden administration wants Congress addressing the country’s child care. Also, their early learning crisis. It has existed long before centers really began to close due to the Corona Virus. It in fact has since been all but gutted almost three years into the pandemic.

In February, the speech was the second from Becerra.

He traveled with first lady Jill Biden, earlier this month, to the University of Minnesota. Becerra did tout how the states are using $39 billion from the American Rescue Plan to, in fact bolster the child care sector. It would highlight the university’s Child Development Laboratory. It trains early education teachers and serves as a child care center.

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