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4 Stretches That Will Make Truck Drivers Neck Pain Go Away

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Neck pain is a common problem for truck drivers. Driving for long hours can affect driver’s shoulders, back and neck in a bad way. Pain in the neck is a kind of pain that will not just leave you alone. When you have neck pains, it means your muscles have tightened. It can affect how far you can move your neck from side to side. It is essential for a truck driver to be able to check mirrors and do head checks. Pain neck can prevent you from doing this. Also tight neck muscles can lead to migraines and headaches and it doesn’t sound good at all when you have a full day on the road ahead of you.

Luckily, this problem has a solution! Simple stretching can help you relieve the tension in your neck and make the pain go away.


There are four simple neck stretches that are really good for a truck driver with a sore neck. You can do it in the cab of your truck and outside of it as well. If you spend 2-3 minutes a day doing these stretches, you will notice your neck is relaxed and there’s not much tension.


The first stretch is really simple. Drop your head to the left while pointing with your right hand as far as you can. For the best results keep your hand at the 90-degree mark.


The second stretch is up and down stretch. Pull your head downwards and hold for 15-30 seconds, then do the same pulling your head upwards.


Side to side stretch is another stretch that will help your neck. Simply move your head in circles and side to side.


The last stretch is side pushes. Take your time with this one and try to go slow. Push your head to one side and slightly push back with the muscles of your neck. The stretch will also make your neck muscles stronger.

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  1. Toni

    This is some great information, thank you for sharing. I do get the neck pain, I also get some pain in my upper back and in my lower back when I finally get to stand after working all these crazy hours. If you have any recommendations for those as well please share. I’m going to make sure that I stretch before I head out from now on and try to get some of this pain under control. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Stephen

    There’s a lot of stress in those areas you too. It’s just one of those places where a lot of the pain from your day, the baggage you take with you on the road worrying about all types of other stuff, it carries in places like your neck and gives you pain. Stretching, lots of water and learning how to redirect your thoughts towards postive things. Life is too short to be in pain all the time, gotta find the small things that lighten our load and make us happy, like getting rid of that pain in the neck,

  3. Joe L

    Great tips. And they definitely do work, as my wife is a massage therapist, so she’s told me these for when I’m away for a while. Of course, she gives me a great back/shoulder rub once I get home. And make sure you’re also making time to get out of the truck and walk for a few minutes every couple of hours or so, if you can. As the circulation for sitting too long can also cause problems.

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