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Audi Unveils the Skysphere: A Futuristic, EV Roadster Concept Car

You are currently viewing Audi Unveils the Skysphere: A Futuristic, EV Roadster Concept Car
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Audi has a new concept car that is a smooth, threatening-looking electric convertible calling Skysphere. It blends what is describing as Batmobile-like technologies and pugnacious design characteristics with luxury resources.

Audi Skysphere is a Roadster Concept

Most importantly, the roadster concept does feature an adaptable wheelbase. It can change sizes based on driving modes and a digital cockpit. It also has a retractable steering wheel and pedals. They are designing to stow away when the car is driving itself.

Pivoting Toward Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

In fact, this concept car represents what Audi thinks it could achieve. This is likely in the second half of this decade. Moreover, Audi will pivot toward electric and autonomous vehicles, according to company officials. Thus, Audi does plans to exclusively offer EVs by 2033. Then what follows is the introduction of its latest vehicle with an internal combustion engine in 2026.

The Skysphere will Eventually Drive Itself

Therefore, Audi has said Skysphere is in theory designing to drive itself but it cannot actually do so at this time. However, it is unclear how feasible a vehicle that can change sizes is. This would be for a production model. In fact, its EV driving range is about 310 miles, according to the carmaker.

Audi: Advanced Technologies

Auto brands such as Audi, Wenders said, need to be thinking about what could, in fact, be possible with EVs. That is even if advanced technologies, such as an adjustable wheelbase, may not be presently looming ahead.

The vehicle, according to Audi executives is basically “two vehicles in one.” Moreover, the first is an aggressive-driving roadster, that is capable of reaching 60 mph in about four seconds. It will offer about 553-pound feet of torque. Then, the second is a grand touring coach car. It will drive itself and then expand about 10 inches for a larger, more comfortable cabin.

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