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Cadillac To Release 2025 Celestiq At $340K

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The automotive world is buzzing with excitement and astonishment over the bold move by Cadillac to price its 2025 Celestiq luxury hatchback at over $340,000. This hand-built, bespoke model is set to redefine luxury. Before diving into this ambitious project, Cadillac is testing its hand-building skills with a limited run of highly collectible CT5-V Blackwing models, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the V-Series. Both the Celestiq and these special CT5-V Blackwings are being meticulously assembled in Warren, Michigan, showcasing Cadillac’s dedication to craftsmanship.

The 5th Collectors’ Series: A Milestone in Hand-Building

Since 2011, Cadillac has released 11 special edition V-Series models. The last five have been Blackwing Collectors’ Series editions. This series began in 2022 with the Launch Year Collector Series, which included 250 each of the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing models. In 2023, Cadillac celebrated its 120th anniversary with a run of 121 CT5-V Blackwings. That same year, they introduced 99 CT4-V Blackwing Track Editions, honoring legendary tracks like Sebring, Road Atlanta, and Watkins Glen, with 33 cars for each. This year, Cadillac rolled out 66 CT4-V Blackwing Mondrian Editions and now, 21 CT5-V Blackwings to mark two decades of V-Series production. Unlike the previous editions assembled at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant, this fifth series is the first to be hand-built.

The Intricate Build Process

The build process begins in Lansing, where the car bodies are assembled and painted black. These bodies are then sent to GM’s Milford Proving Grounds for meticulous inspections, adjustments, and hand-sanding. After this, they are repainted in custom colors, following precise instructions from paint supplier PPG. Each car receives three coats of clear paint, with additional sanding between coats, totaling 200 to 250 hours just for the paintwork.

Next, the bodies are shipped to GM’s Artisan Innovation Center near the Warren Tech Center. This facility, once used for prototype vehicle construction, now utilizes its staff’s expertise for assembling these bespoke cars. Final assembly takes 80 to 100 hours, extending to 200 hours with quality checks and signoffs. The fasteners are verified using fluorescent ink visible only under UV light, adding a unique touch that car enthusiasts will appreciate in future shows.

Features of the 20th Anniversary Edition

This special edition offers a palette of 20 unique colors, with two clients opting for black. The interiors feature three distinct upholstery designs, and each car has its serial number displayed on the steering wheel and sill plates. Additionally, a unique start-up animation is featured on the screens. Other exclusive features include a plaque on the B-pillar, three new wheel designs, and four brake caliper colors.

Buyers can choose between a manual or automatic transmission, with the demand evenly split, similar to regular production. The VIN plate reflects the special assembly, with the last four digits ranging from 2004 to 2024. Buyers could specify their preferred VIN for $7,120, reflecting personal significance. About half of the buyers chose this option.

Along with the car, buyers receive a certificate of authenticity signed by Cadillac Executive Chief Engineer Brandon Vivian, a hand-signed photo of the assembly team, and a leather binder with 70 photos documenting the car’s assembly. Each Blackwing engine is also signed by its builder in Bowling Green.

Price and Availability

The final 21 units are being assembled as of now. Each collector in this series paid an additional $36,000 for the special edition option, bringing the base price to $132,990 for the six-speed manual and $133,490 for the automatic. With additional features like carbon-fiber aero kits and ceramic brakes, the price can easily exceed $170,000. This price reflects the value of a hand-painted, hand-built 668-horsepower super sedan. Commissioning a 2024 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing 20th Anniversary of V-Series Special Edition is excellent preparation for future bespoke projects like the Celestiq or even custom models from Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

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