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Dodge Charger Takes Design Cues From Daytona SRT Concept

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In the initial images being released from Dodge, the whole thing about the Charger from 2025, is that it resembles the Daytona SRT concept. Dodge has many images they’ve released of the next-gen Charger being shown on social media accounts, all while showing a good perspective of the coupe’s front end as well as varied body sides. With the brand-new 2025 Charger, there’s an electric powertrain that can come with a gas-fed engine as well.

Dodge Chargers are therefore not going to continue with the V-7 engines. All because the muscle car hasn’t expired yet. Of course, there will be new details from the Dodge Charger as it advances.

The photos released so far show off a gray edition of the vehicle, all while it uses similar styling to the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT which had debuted as early as 2022.

The Charger comes with a bright Fratzog logo right in between the headlights as it’s placed on each side of the “R-Wing.” In addition, the original 1969 Charger Daytona.

When looking at the tires, you can see how it utilizes a charge port and even a door for the gas-tank filler neck placed on the driver’s side rear fender.

The Dodge Challenger comes with an electric powertrain, well-reviewed by the Daytona SRTA concept, utilizing an all-wheel drive as it powers through with a 800-volt architecture with brand-new muscle car as it drives with the Hurricane twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six.

Dodge knows how  to market their cars. And with this new vehicle coming out, it’ll be a surefire thing that the auto industry will follow suit and make sure that their Challenger becomes a new pursuit into the future of automotive technology.

Using the Fratzog logo will definitely market the model easily towards new clientele that may be interested in using a new whip to cruise around town with.

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