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Exercises To Keep Truckers Fit

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It is important for a truck driver to exercise and stay in shape. Some of us may mistakenly consider that if you are a trucker, there’s no way for you to stay in shape with this kind of job. But actually it is, and it’s really important that you do it in order to avoid health problems like back pains. And there are great exercises that can help you.


Of course, before starting with any exercises, you should check with your doctor if you have any health problems that can prevent you from exercising. Then start from easier exercises and gradually move to the harder ones.


We would like to tell you about some useful workouts that truck drivers can do. But don’t forget not to overdo it because the rest is just as important and it’s in the time of rest when your muscles actually start to build after the workouts. And remember, all the exercises are about the techniques, not the speed!


Let’s start with your shoulders. Remember that there are many complex muscles so make sure to use appropriate (if any) weight not to tear any of those muscles.


  1. The first exercise is called swimmers. You should be flat on your stomach and lift your arms out to the side just a bit off the ground and move them forward as if you were swimming. If you would like to use weights, go with light ones. Also lateral, front delt and rear delt extensions will be good for you, as well as shrugs.
  1. You also have to work on your arms. Always focus on a muscle you are working on to get a good squeeze. Do bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, forearm curls, grips and dips (you can use seats or tires for that).
  2. Don’t forget to work on your chest. These exercises need to be done slowly. Do all types of push-ups, like normal push-ups, incline push-ups (use a large tire), decline push-ups and uneven push-ups.
  3. It’s very important to work on your back as back pains are a common problem among truck drivers. There is a good exercise called Supermans. Laying flat on your stomach, reach your arms straight out over your head, then lift them and your legs about two inches off the ground. After you feel your muscles are getting tired, drop your arms and legs, take a short rest and then repeat. Pull-ups are also good for you back.
  4. Work on your abs as having a strong core will help you make your whole body stronger. Do sit-ups and planks, holds and flexes.
  5. Do cardio workouts to keep your legs in a good shape. Do lunges, calf raises, step-ups and squats.


Remember it’s not only possible to stay fit being a truck driver, it’s actually necessary for your health. Take some time to take care of yourself and your body and don’t forget to have good rest.

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  1. Ella

    These are same great tips, thanks for the reminder. It’s hard to try to find the time to fit in a workout with this exhausting job, but with all the back pain that I have been having, I would tell all new truckers to make sure they either go to the gym or train on the road. My doctor pretty much recommends that I build up the muscle that I have lost from years of sitting for hours. I’ve started walking more, but I’ll be sure to add these on and include them in my routine a couple times a week. Your doing a great service to the industry. Keep up the good work!

  2. Alex

    I’ve gained 30 pounds since I started trucking. I don’t know when it came on but it came on and now I’m trying to make sure I don’t get a trucker’s belly. I used to do strong man competitions and I might sign back up. The contests keep me motivated and I can do some of the exercises on the Road with my truck equipment. I might even load a couple a videos up here for you 😉 Thanks for the advice man, gonna try to keep fit this year.

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