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How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport?

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If you are preparing to get your car shipped for the first time, it might be stressful. But don’t worry that much: statistically, only about 5% of all the vehicles shipped were damaged in the process of auto transport. And you can help yourself to make this risk even lower if you prepare your vehicle for auto shipping right.


Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Inspect your vehicle

You should thoroughly inspect your vehicle before transport. Wash your car and then check for any existing damage. If there is damage, make notes to document it. It is also not a bad idea to make a check list. Then take pictures of your vehicles from all sides. If there are damages like scratches, chips, dents or anything like that, take close-up pictures. Put the dates on the photographs and the checklist. There’s also an inspection from the carrier. Make sure he also makes notes and provide the company with a copy of your personal records.


  1. Don’t leave anything valuable inside

Your car will be insured for the transport, but anything inside of it won’t. So if you have any custom electronics, like a CD or DVD player, or anything like a GPS system or a TV, remove it. This way you can protect yourself from theft. Also do not transport anything inside of your car. It means you better not have anything in your trunk or anywhere else in your car. First of all, it is not legal for a driver to transport these items. And in case these items damage your car or other vehicles in the truck, you will be in fault. The weight of the items inside of the car can also affect the price and how fast your vehicle will be transported.


  1. Do not leave any parking passes or tags

They can be charged while car is on the way to the drop off location. They also can be stolen.


  1. Prepare your vehicle

No doubt, your vehicle will not be driven during the transport. But it will be loaded on and off the transport truck. Make sure it is in running condition, has some gas and the battery is good. If it is not running, you should let the auto transport company know. Inform them about any mechanical problems. If there are any leaks, the driver must know about it so the vehicle will not be loaded above other vehicles. Remove an antenna and any other sticking parts. Fold the mirrors so they won’t get damaged or damage other vehicles. Also turn off your car alarm. If it is not possible, let the driver know how to work with it.

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  1. Cassie

    Who knew some of these can prevent such nightmares? I recently sold a car online and it had to be transported 3 states over to the buyer. little did I know I left something valuable inside. Lucky for us the buyer was kind enough to ship it back but imagine the terror if the car was broken into or worse stolen. Lovely advice here for the unknowing.

  2. H Ron.

    Interesting statistic. I never knew that the weight could increase the price you’d have to pay. Understandable and reassuring nonetheless. I admit to not having thought about these things for my big move next spring but will take it and this service into consideration. Thank you for the informative post.

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