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Lamborghini Yacht Ready to Set Sail in 2021

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The new Lamborghini yacht will be a rare, racy collector’s boat. The manufacturer intends to cap their units produced at 63. Just 63 people in the world will own one of these super speedboats. But is it really worth the $3 million base asking price?

This isn’t Lamborghini’s first foray into the boating industry. They designed and developed two aquatic engines in the 1980’s. This is, however, their very first fully-produced boat. Inspired by the Sián but with nods towards the Miura and Countach, this sleek, lightweight design is a nice new toy for anyone willing to pay a pretty penny.

The Lamborghini Yacht Design

Lamborghini fans will definitely feel right at home in this boat. The interior is similar to the company’s famous cars in design and it sails with that trademark silky speed. The three-spoke steering wheel probably looks familiar, including a 12 o’clock mark. Digital gauges read like a dashboard. Even the throttle levers parallel the drive mode selectors in the Urus.

Two V12 engines power this puppy. Each rates at 2,000 horsepower, giving the boat a total of 4,000 hp. That’s necessary, though; at 63 feet long and 53,000 pounds, it needs a little extra oomph. The carbon fiber design makes it lighter than it should be. But that’s still a heavy haul.

Tecnomar, the company actually building and producing these yachts, hopes to deliver its first shipment in the early months of 2021. The base price starts at a cool $3 million but buyers have the option to customize almost any and every piece of the yacht. Hull color, deck, and interior layout can all be fitted to customer’s exact tastes. Since Lamborghini was founded in 1963, they’ve opted to only release 63 units. Between that and the wide customization options, buyers can own something truly unique.

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