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How To Lose Weight If You’re A Truck Driver?

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It is easy to gain weight when you are a truck driver. To be fair, it is next to impossible not to gain weight with this kind of work if you don’t pay attention to your eating habits. You spend most of the time sitting and you probably eat a lot of fast food. No wonder so many truck drivers find themselves getting weight really fast. The good news is there is also a way to stay fit even with this kind of job. We are not talking about exercising (although it is always a good idea if you want to stay healthy) and we also don’t want you to try any hard diets. After a couple of weeks of an intensive diet you will probably lose a lot of pounds, that is true. But don’t forget that you will also gain those pounds back pretty fast.


What we suggest is changing your eating habits. Eating fast food every day? Tend to eat until you can’t eat anymore? Then it shouldn’t be a surprise for you that you’re gaining weight so quickly. You probably don’t want to bother choosing food following some kind of strict menu. What you can do instead is simply watch the calories. You will be able to eat whatever you want, but you will have to watch portions.


It might sound terrifying at first and we are not saying it is easy – but it’s simple. If you really want to change something, it takes determination. Counting calories is an easy process but it is never easy to watch your weight and what you’re eating. So if you choose to get fit, prepare to be patient!


It is a good idea to download one of many apps to your smartphone for counting calories. One of the good ones is “Lose it!” It asks for your sex, age and current weight. Then you put in your goal and how much you want to lose weekly. When you select your food, the app tells you how many calories it has.


After some time you will start seeing the results, and so will the people around you. Getting compliments can be really encouraging. Use it to keep going because at some point you might start feeling like your motivation is fading away.


There are plenty of healthy options wherever you go. It is true that somedays they will be harder to find but it is still not impossible. You can find something healthy even in fast food restaurants like McDonalds that offers salads.


At some point you will realize you don’t need the app anymore. You will transform your eating habits and know what you can eat and in what amounts. It is much easier when it becomes a habit. The main thing is not to break it. From time to time you can have a couple of days when you don’t watch what you eat and how much. For instance, when you come home and just want to relax and enjoy home food. Just make sure to get back to your healthy routine once you’re over the road again.


It is possible to stay fit and eat healthy for a truck driver. Take care of yourself and your body and you will see the results. Eat healthy and drive safely!

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  1. Roula

    Eat Healthy and drive safely!
    Wow I couldn’t phrase it better than this though! I like the way you addressed this issue because it is very important one because truck drivers are not aware of that.. They just used to sit for hours behind the steering wheel, focusing only about thier destination and how to get there as soon as possible and have the job done on time, they don’t have time to think about counting calories in thier food!
    I think these apps you mentioned are the best methods to help them count the calories while they are on the roads, so they eat healthy and drive safely 🙂

  2. David

    It’s so odd to think that even though we never think about how much weight we can gain while still doing our jobs, that it is still possible. Honestly, this blog made me rethink my habits while I’m on the road!

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