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New Truck VS Used Truck: The Good And The Bad

You are currently viewing New Truck VS Used Truck: The Good And The Bad
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The majority of construction company owners know what it is like when the time comes to buy some new trucks and enlarge their fleet. Several years ago there was economic crisis that has affected people’s psychology. It has convinced people that they have to try and save money on everything they can. No wonder, people usually prefer buying pre-owned trucks instead of new trucks.


Without a doubt, there are many pros about buying a brand new truck. First of all, it comes with a warranty. Second, it has a modern design and may be better equipped. And the main thing is that as any new vehicles, new trucks are in the prefect working condition. But obviously, you have to pay more for all those advantages that come with a new truck. Fortunately, buying a pre-owned truck has plenty of pros as well.


The obvious advantage of buying a used truck is that it costs a lot cheaper. And if the previous owner has taken proper care of it, the truck will successfully serve you for many years. Also there is a great choice that comes with buying a used truck. There are numerous makes and models of different years you can choose from. So when you are not that into nice modern design and do not have a fortune to spend, purchasing a pre-owned truck can be a great option for you!

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  1. Patrick

    Today’s new trucks get better fuel economy than their predecessors, and at the same time produce near-zero regulated emissions. So, its always better buy a new one, if you have money, of course.

  2. jon

    It’s always nice to roll of the lot with a new truck, but the deprecation kills me… I’d check my accountant and we what the advantages are of buying new vs used in your situation.

  3. Danielle

    Used trucks are the way to go! Once it leaves the lot values goes way down. As long as the previous owner took care of it, used trucks get the job down just as good.

  4. Simon

    New trucks are nice to look at, but a used truck gets the job done too. The value of the truck goes way down after it leaves the lot and I’d much rather save that money.

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