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Omicron Variant Detected in U.S., but Early Reports are Positive

You are currently viewing Omicron Variant Detected in U.S., but Early Reports are Positive
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The Omicron variant of the Corona Virus is spreading through the United States, U.S. health officials have said. Though there are early indications that suggest it may be less dangerous than the delta. That does continue to drive a surge of hospitalizations.

Omicron Variant – More Information is Neccessary

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, has told CNN’s “State of the Union” which the scientists do need more to gather more information. That is before drawing conclusions about omicron’s severity.

It emerges and where is it a dominant strain, reports from South Africa, have suggested that hospitalization rates. In fact, they have not increased dramatically.

“It does not look, thus far, there is not a great degree of severity to it,” Fauci has said. “Therefore, we do have to be careful before we many the determinations that it is less severe. Or it does not really doesn’t cause any severe illness, comparable to the delta.”

Lifting Travel Restrictions

The Biden administration, Fauci has said, going to consider lighting travel restrictions against non-citizens. It affects entering the United States from many African countries. Moreover, they were put forth as an Omicron variant skyrockets in the region. In fact, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has blasted such measures as the “travel apartheid.”

“Hopefully we’ll be able to lift that ban in a quite good period of time,” Fauci said. “We all feel very badly about the hardship. That, in fact, has putting on not only South Africa but the other African countries.”

On Sunday, Omicron had, in fact, been detecting in roughly a third of the U.S. states. It is including in the Northeast, the South, the Great Plains, and the West Coast.

Omicron had been detecting in about a third of U.S. states by Sunday. Therefore, it would include in the Northeast, the South, the Great Plains and the West Coast. Also, Wisconsin and Missouri are the most current states to confirm cases.

Making up more than 99% of cases and driving an uptick of hospitalizations in the north. The delta does remain the dominant variant. Now, National Guard teams have, in fact, been sent to help the overwhelming hospitals in Western New York. Also in Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. They have issued an emergency order. It does that require any hospital is facing limited patient capacity to reduce scheduled procedures that are not urgent.

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